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We go about our lives assured everything is alright, everyone is as they seem and no one would possibly want to harm us. Why would they want to harm us? After all, we are good people.

Indeed, that is the way the world should be but it is not quite so. There people out there ready to plunder others for self- benefit. Awareness on key issues is principal in keeping yourself safe as well as those you love therefore let us examine the people and motives and results of modern day slavery called Human Trafficking.

There is a broad aspect when it comes to describing Human Trafficking. Simply put it is illegal trade in which humans are made to do inhumane work or work conditions for the benefit of illegal perpetrators. This description could fall short of many aspects of trafficking. The United Nations puts it this way;

(a) 'Trafficking in persons' shall mean the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or u…


Mothers are a key female figure in the life of most girls. This also refers to the women who may not be a biological parent but play a key role in the life of a young girl; this could be a grandmother, aunt, teacher, stepmother, family friend, or just any responsible adult woman, maybe even a big female celebrity.

Young girls mirror who they see around them, so it should be no surprise if they behave just like the female adults they're influenced by.

But how exactly do mothers influence their daughters?
Mothers impact their daughters self image and even femininity from the onset of menstruation. Some mothers "cross-mentor" each others daughters.Mother-Daughter relationships can affect communication between life mates and female peersBiological mothers menopause can have effect on daughters fertilityMothers teach life, not through words but by what she does.Et cetera.
The above list just proves how a mother impacts their daughters life in the short and long term. However,…


These are the outcome conclusion of the International Conference on Population and Development beyond 2014 that took place in Bali Indonesia on 3 - 6th December 2012.

The outcome encouraged the government to;

Protect young peoples rights as Human Rights.To stop violence against women.To stop gender based violence.To stop bad traditional practices.Access to family planning.Encourage safe and legal abortion.
Read the clip unedited version on sexual below according to the ICPD Outcome statement with the full version that includes many other outcomes available on the Global Youth Forum;

Sexual rights
Governments must fund and develop, in equal partnership with young people and health care providers, policies, laws, and programs that recognize, promote, and protect young peoples’ sexual rights as human rights. This must be developed in accordance with the principles of human rights, non-discrimination, respect, equality and inclusivity, with a gendered, multicultural and secular approach.*

8 Steps to Starting A New Life

Written by Kamesha Gordon

Life is a gift! The chance to pull fresh air into our lungs daily, feel the sun shining on our faces, meet new people, and pursue our goals, are undeniable blessings. But there are many circumstances that can cause us to view our lives, as curses! It is easy to fall into despair—easy to believe that our painful experiences or existence, are all that life has to offer. Sometimes, our suffering is a product of being victimized by others. At other times, our trials are the result of our own poor decision making. Let’s be honest—it happens.  But either way, we are not bound to the life we lived in the past or even the life we live presently. We can obtain a new life, as long as our hearts continue to beat! We can escape physical places of bondage, as well as prisons of the mind!  We can love our life, be proud of the work we do, and look toward the future with-- not only a hopeful heart-- but with an excited spirit!
The first step is believing—believing in yourself a…

What if Its a Relative?

How do we handle crime at the hands of a relative, someone we know so well, someone who we interact with and at some point even adored?

Regardless of whether the crime is commited to you or another family member or even a complete stranger. It is always highly disturbing to know that we know the criminal and he is within our borders.

The truth of the matter is, if we do not report any crime commited, whether by someone we know or someone we do not know we increase the chance of that crime being commited again on another person and therefore take sides with the criminal even though we may be victims ourselves.

That we know the criminal personal puts us in a confusing situation of whether to tell or not to tell. Before we decide either, we should consider the consequences of both.

If we tell, the criminal we know will be arrested and we shall probably not be seeing them as often as we could have possible wanted. And we shall also be held accountable as the "goody goody" that spelt…


Feminism according to the free online dictionary is an attitude favoring the movement to eliminate political, social and professional discrimination.

Seems simple enough on the surface but many people have taken view to a different side of feminism.attributing it to man- hating, anti - male bigotry. With even Pop Star Lady Gaga saying I am not a feminist. I hail men. raising the question Do feminists hate men?

The history of the "F" word goes a long way back with even one incident where the Vatican even banned one of the most widely read feminist books The Second Sex published in 1949 by Simone de Beauvoir.


Amid all the emotion and different aspects people view feminism, there are basically two sides to it which are;

The Feminist who wants females to have equal rights as men but embraces their is a need for men in the society.The anti-male Feminist who see men rather as an obstacle to women development and He needs to be pushed out of the way for women …


Every youth below the age of 25 has the chance to influence the decision on global policies on December 3 - 6, 2012 through the Global Youth Forum in Bali, Indonesia.

This is your chance to influence decisions on five key issues including; staying healthy, comprehensive education, transitions to decent employment for youth, sexuality, families and rights.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make your voice heard and you can be a part of this event by;

Registering as a virtual delegateand participate in online discussion.Join the Twitter conversation and Facebook discussions.Share your 7 Billion Actions Story.Introduce yourself with a Photo or Video. Description pf how can be found here.Find out the events planned for your country and participate.
There is a reason you should take the front seat and take advantage of this global opportunity to influence the  Global Forum that will take place in Indonesia this year 2012, as the effects of this discussion will be as far reaching as 2…



This post will be a little different from the rest for two reasons. Firstly, it was written by a guest writer and secondly, it is because through this post you will be able to make a difference in someones life.

Introducing Mawazo, written by Pat Brennan, a sponsor to Uganda Charities. Should you feel a need to help Mawazo and her community, please contact him by E-mail.


Mawazo is a thirteen year old girl. She is now the head of her family, with four younger siblings. They are living alone in a one roomed grass-thatched, tiny, old hut. They live in a village called Mukongoro, the last village at the top of the hill on the border of Uganda and Congo. Mawazo is an intelligent girl; hardworking, working all day to support her younger siblings. Samwiri is ten years old, Eliya is seven, Aaron is five and Kellen is three. None of the children attend school. Mawazo "dropped out" of school about a year ago, in order to look after the younger children. Af…

Does Keeping a Gun in the Home increase Safety?

How far can you go to ensure your family is safe? Could keeping a gun in the house increase security levels in addition to burglar alarms, secure locks, burglar bars and good lighting among others.

If you consider keeping a gun in the house, it is best to review the facts in order to make the right decision.


It is used to increase security especially for seniors in the society and those at risk of being attackedHidden well but kept within good reachWhen purchased legallyEveryone you are living with is comfortable with having a gun in the houseGives you a defense tool to use if attacked


It is used for defensive purposes and not protective.It is used to commit homicideMay increase risk of a violent death

If you do not feel so secure keeping a gun, there are other alternatives; You can also opt for;

Wacth dogsA home security systemInstall a panic buttonInstall motion sensor light outside your homeAlways apply safety rules
You m…

Reporting A Crime

The greatest concern we have when reporting a case is 'will anything be done about it?' Are we just wasting our time or simply causing ourselves to lose face.. or worse putting ourselves in danger when we report a criminal?

You may not want to report a crime for many reasons but remember that by reporting your crime, no matter how small or embarrassing you are helping to fight crime and reduce the risk of it happening again.

When you report a crime make sure;

Report the crime to the police soon after it happened and follow it up until evidence that something is being done about it.When asked for details do not be afraid to tell everything as it happened, leaving out no detail.Have someone you trust to support you as you proceed with your case.Ask for Victim Support in your area. Victim support gives help to victims or witnesses of crime. This can be found mostly from the Police.Do not give in to threat to drop the case, seek protection and take extra safety precautions until t…

How not to be a Sexual Predator

We usually go looking for solutions to problems and often ignore what caused the problem in the first place. This came to my attention when a dear commentator reminded that 'Not one 'lesson' in the list on how not to be a predator.' This was a great point from a unique view because that is a part that is often when it could actually solve the problem of child abuse. So how can someone not be a Sexual Predator?


A sexual predator is a person who commits a sexually related crime.

See more definitions here;



SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELPIf you find yourself being sexually attracted to an infant this could have been caused by an error in biological hormonal reactions. For this seek professional help. Do not be shy to ask for help.
Learn forgiveness. Many sexual offenders may not have have been victims of sexual crime itself but mostly harbor rage in their hearts therefo…


' But one day, while Alfred's mother was cleaning a far corner of the castle, Lord Henry started to tickle Alfred in a way that made him feel uncomfortable and sick inside.'
                                        - Jay Sanders. Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept -

Alfred is a child Hero in the Book Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept where he was confronted with a situation where a man so highly respected and liked and who had also given his mother much needed help approached the young boy sexually. This is a must read for every child, nursery teachers and parents should own this book. The online version read by Debra Byrne can be found here.

Also recommended for your children is the book GRACIE FINDS HER VOICE  by Jacob Williams on VOICE TODAY.


Children are a usual target by predators because they are vulnerable hence educating them will make them aware when a situation is wrong.Educating children on child sexu…


Jimmy Saville ( 31. 10. 1926 - 29. 10. 2011) though late has been making  Headlines not as positive as  when he was alive and making hits for the BBC, having impressive charity fundraising for the The Jimmy Saville Charitable Trust as well as Hospital Trust among others.

Recently, Sexual Abuse Claims against Saville are slowly eroding all the good charitable deeds he portrayed to the public , bringing doubts to whether the BBC helped in covering his pedophile cases as well as putting his Charity foundations and other Partners at a risk of falling out because of the covering up of abuse.

What lesson should we learn from Jimmy Saville fiasco?

Sexual abuse or abuse of any kind should not be hidden, ignored or go unreported.All suspicious behavior should be scrutinized and not ignored.Trust should not be bought but earned. This simply means that just because someone gives you things, does not mean they can be trusted. You are encouraged to know the the signs when to trust someone.Sex Offen…


Mad men are walking free! Murderers and criminals on the loose because they are deemed Insane or abnormal. Is there a way to get justice from a man deemed insane?

But what is Normal? Should a crime committed by a normal person have different punishment than that committed by an insane man?
          "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."                         - Martin Luther -
As Martin Luther put it, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  So it is justifiable to get justice for a crime committed by an insane man?
Yes there is! I went and asked some inside sources who have knowledge on Law (particularly Thailand).
If you have been victimized by an "insane" man; Follow some of these tips as you seek legal help;
Crazy by law? When bringing up a case against an 'insane' man. You should know whether the person is crazy by law. Does this insane person have a document that certifies them medically insane?Find if this insane pers…