Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Mad men are walking free! Murderers and criminals on the loose because they are deemed Insane or abnormal. Is there a way to get justice from a man deemed insane?

But what is Normal? Should a crime committed by a normal person have different punishment than that committed by an insane man?

          "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
                        - Martin Luther -

As Martin Luther put it, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  So it is justifiable to get justice for a crime committed by an insane man?

Yes there is! I went and asked some inside sources who have knowledge on Law (particularly Thailand).

If you have been victimized by an "insane" man; Follow some of these tips as you seek legal help;

  • Crazy by law? When bringing up a case against an 'insane' man. You should know whether the person is crazy by law. Does this insane person have a document that certifies them medically insane?
  • Find if this insane person has any known relatives who can represent him before the law.
  • Are there any known people the insane has abused before? See if you can get in touch with them to be witness to the insane's man behavior.
  • Were there any eye witnesses at the place where the abuse took place?
  • What time did the abuse take place and at what place?
  • When reporting your case, recreate the event accurately without altering or hiding any details because it may cost your case if discovered.
  • Present documents, either photos, hospital document stating the damage caused, a police report and the like as proof that the abuse took place.
  • Rally up supporters who will stand with you each step of the way.
  • Do not be afraid to bring up your case and fight for it till you get your full compensation and the 'insane' man is punished for his offence.
  • Most importantly, get a good lawyer who will care for you and not want to exploit you out of your money. It may help to be referred to a lawyer by friends or family.

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Sunday, 28 October 2012


"  On April 14, 2013, we want the whole world to stop and learn about the horrors of child sexual abuse. It drives prostitution, CSEC, modern day slavery and many, many more self destructive behaviors. "
           - Tom Scales (Co-founder The Innocence Revolution) -

April 14, 2013 should be marked on your calendar next year because it is the day when the whole world will be educated on the evils of child sexual abuse and how to prevent it through different activities such as;

  • Interactive displays
  • Walks
  • Concerts
  • 5 K Walks
  • Art exhibits etc

The Innocence Revolution co-founded by Jill Starishevsky and Tom Scales of Voice Today along with Partners like Stop The Silence among others and You as well.

Yes, you can be part of this revolution. Involve your school, Organisation and everyone that you know so that on 14th April 2013 the whole world will stand up to End Child Sexual Abuse!

To be part of this Revolution, You can;

We at Safety First for Girls will be part of it, Will You?

Take the stand today.

Read more here; Global Event Launches the Innocence Revolution


"Pornography: Beware of it! There is much talk about addiction which have destructive results: physical, psychological, spiritual and social. Beware of it! I believe you love yourselves."
                                                    sfg fan

There is much talk about pornography and how it destroys lives and when one of our Facebook Fans posted the above message I saw it was time to talk about this addiction that secretly plagues  so many especially that it is almost free in these modern times of fast changing technology.

Let's first find out the reasons why people watch porn:

  • It is free. Yes, most of it is just a click away on the internet. Free is good right? hmmm food for thought.
  • When they want to release their sexual tension through masturbation. Most Porn is usually abandoned after masturbation.
  • It helps satisfy a humans physiological need for sex. It is wrong to enter a relationship just in order to have sex so people watch porn as an alternative. But Porn is not a good solution either, its best to abstain until you find yourself in a good relationship.
  • It feels really good in the moment, though many report feelings of regret or disgust shortly afterward.
  • Besides it being free, it is everywhere. Modern media also helps in promoting porn in a way.

So why Porn is almost everywhere especially that it causes addiction and moral decay? Why do people keep creating pornographic content? This could be because; 

  • People who post pornography feel their self esteem boosted when they post their porn videos on the internet. I can imagine this is different for those who become celebrities.
  • It satisfies their sexual desires, ever heard of a nymphomaniac
  • It is a business. Not so good but pornography is how some people illegally make money out of your desires. This is a bad business because they do promote violence, unnatural sexual behavior, inhumane treatment of their stars and some even use children. The worst crime of all time.
  • It is a way of getting fame, in that field of course.
  • They create porn because they can. Man is indeed a crafty creature.

Here are some reasons why porn is not good;
  • By watching you are supporting an illegal industry that is enslaving people and abusing children. It is a deeply rooted evil scheme. Even if you watch 'good' porn or porn you deem acceptable, the filthy industry is hiding behind the so-called good!
  • It is addictive. Addiction is a negative term all together.
  • It encourages moral decay. Morality has been discarded and purity in life is slowly being lost.
  • It breaks relationships.
  • Some research say it could be a disorder.

If you are fighting Porn, there are many people to back you up. The journey may not be easy and you will relapse sometimes but keep up the good fight. 

Follow these tips on how to Stop Watching Porn! 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Soo, you are a Party Rocker? Party Shy? Concert goer? Hmm I love concerts. Party maker / breaker? haha, anyway events are usually nice to attend and we must ensure that we enjoy them from start till the end. Are you having a Night out Fun with friends or something like it? Hmm Sounds interesting but be sure you put your safety first belt on as you go enjoy.  

To make sure you are safe at a social gathering:      

  • Prepare in advance, for instance you can check who will be at the gathering and depending on the gathering  if liquor will be served, what time the it will be and how long the gathering will go on.
  • Know if their will be security and if it is a small social gathering probably not, so be sure what the main purpose of the gathering will be.
  • Know who is the patron of the social gathering, what is their personality and are they able to maintain control?
  • Is the event within good travelling distance to where you live? If not, are you certain of your transportation and driver?
  • Be cautious of what you eat at the gathering in order not to be drugged or suffer food poisoning.. Yiiikkkes, sounds bad but it does happen.
  • If their is alcohol involved at the meeting please just have enough to remain sober because it is almost impossible to control your situation in a drunken state as you may also end up doing something you did not want.
  • Whatever function you are going to, be fully aware of what will happen and think about other possible mishaps that could take place. Be ready for anything.
  • Avoid drugs before, during or after the gathering. Drugs are not good for your health anyway. I mean the   bad drugs not the doctors prescription.
  • Avoid places that are secluded and likely possible places to indulge in unwanted sexual behaviour.
  • Do not be afraid to Say NO!  if you find yourself in an inappropriate or uncomfortable situation.
  • Follow your gut and trust your instincts.
  • Relax and enjoy your party.

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Friday, 19 October 2012


  • Do a lot of research before going into that country in all areas beginning with safety, rates and needed paper work.
  • If you have a trusted relative or friend in that country contact them regularly about your stay in that country.
  • Learn and respect the culture of the people in the foreign country you are going to or living in.
  • Have important numbers within reach incase of need especially the number to your countries embassy or tourist police.
  • Try to blend in with the locals to avoid being singled out easily which can make you easy prey.
  • Do Avoid having one night stands with strangers as you may fall victim to strange illness and even abuse, stay safe and learn the area and people well before indulging in sexual activities.
  • Find someone you can trust, make a friend, join an organization or religious community if you belong to any religion. Just get to know the people around you.
  • Avoid making enemies and be friendly to all.
  • Do not give anyone your documents.

There is so much you need to know when visiting, living in or travelling to a foreign country. It is wise to be as well informed as a local or even more. You may also like to read;

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Saturday, 13 October 2012



In our day to day activity we say many hellos' and goodbyes'. But there is always that eeerie feeling i get when it comes to meeting a person i have not known for the first time simply by the fact that i do not know what to expect, don't you get that feeling too? Ohh well, lets explore how we can ascertain our safety when meeting someone for the very first time;

  •    Always take someone with you, openly or secretly, have someone on standby.
  •    Tell someone you trust exactly where you are going and who you will be meeting.
  •   Have an already thought of backup escape plan just incase things go wary.
  •   Always choose to meet in an open public place which is easy to find and be sure you are  accustomed to the place you choose like how to get there and how to leave.
  •   Dress modestly in clothes and shoes that are comfortable. This may come of help incase a situation turns bizzare.*
  •   Schedule your meeting to be during the day time.
  •   Do not give your home address upon first meeting unless you are really sure.
  •   Trust your instincts. Do not meet the person if you feel uncomfortable doing so.

    Follow some more tips on how to be safe ;

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to Tell If a Child is being or has been Abused

Information collected and written by Adedayo Emmanuel via LinkedIn

Hello there, I came across very useful data on signs that a child is undergoing or has undergone sexual abuse. We need to care regardless of whether we know the child or not because in every child there is a future. Let care for our generations, gone and to come. Seek help if you notice signs that a child is undergoing sexual abuse. Keeping silent makes you an enemy.

Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse

Do you know that it is possible for you to know that your child is been abused sexually? Do you also know that it is possible for you as parent or guardian to detect the possibility of your child being abused?The onus greatly lie on parents, guardians and teachers or mentors to detect the possibility of this evil occurrence and give that child the ability, right and strength to make the right decision. The reason being that, "MOST OF THE TIME, YOU WILL NOT BE THERE WHEN THE ACT TAKES PLACE". Let me itemize some of the behavioral/emotional indicators:


• Over attention to adults of a particular sex.
• Displaying unusual interest in the genitals of others.
• Acting out adult sexual behavior with adults, dolls or other children.
• Open displays of sexuality, for example, repeated public masturbation.
• Precocious knowledge of sexual matters.
• Promiscuity, repetitious sexually precocious behavior.

Possible behavioral indicators

• Displaying low self esteem.
• Tending to be withdrawn, passive, tearful.
• Displaying aggressive or demanding behavior.
• Being highly anxious.
• Showing delayed speech.
• Acting like a much younger child, for example, soiling or wetting pants.
• Displaying difficulties in relating to adults and peers.
• Stealing food.• Staying at school outside school hours.
• Often being tired, falling asleep in class.
• Abusing alcohol or drugs.
• Displaying aggressive behavior.
• Not getting on well with peers.
• Poor peer relationships, family and/or child appear socially isolated.
• Reluctance to undress, for example, for school sporting functions.
• Excessive bathing.
• Inappropriate displays of affection between child and parent (usually father) that appear lover-like rather than parent-like (father may be excessively overprotective towards daughter, restrict her social activities or inquisitive of her sexuality).

• Sudden changes in mood or behavior.• Difficulty sleeping, nightmares.• Regressed behavior, bed wetting, separation anxiety, insecurity.• Change in eating patterns including preoccupation with food.• Lack of trust in familiar adults, fear of strangers, fear of men.• Lack of appropriate role boundaries in family, child fulfills parental role.• Acting out behavior, aggression, lying, stealing, unexplained running away, drug or alcohol abuse, suicide attempts.• Withdrawn behavior• passivity• excessive compliance• mood swings or depression• Learning problems at school, loss of concentration, unexplained drop in school performance. 

Monday, 8 October 2012


The world is fast moving and this technology is just amazzzzing, you could reach like a thousand people just in a click, chat up friends, say what you want. Ohhh yeah actually say what you want without a care in the world who reads it because bad stuff even get more publicity and more exciting of all meet new people. However there is a downside, the internet has made an easier ground for criminals to hunt down victims so beware and follow these useful tips to ensure you are safe;

image from google

  • Use only social sites that you consider very useful.
  • Avoid giving too much personal information to people you meet online as you may not be aware of their true intentions. Be a detective and do some background work on the person before trusting right away.*
  • Beware of scammers, criminals looking for easy prey to use for their criminal activities. Be suspicious of accounts under suspiciously false names.
  • It is advisable to only add people you know on your friends list.
  • If someone is harassing you online, delete them from your contacts, block them or delete them.
  •  Avoid putting a ‘single’ relationship status even if you are, best to leave it blank because singles are considered the easiest preys.
  • Do not add your home address to your profile as this can easily be accessed by anybody who sees your profile and some may not have clear intentions.
  •  Have different passwords for each of your online accounts and do not share these passwords with anyone.
  •  Stand against cyber bullying. Do not bully and do not allow yourself to be bullied.
  •  Know your online netiquette as well as your human rights.

More tips to be safe online;

Learn how to stop or prevent cyberbullying;

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

How to be Safe at a Nightclub

Who doesn't like to let loosen up sometimes and forget all our worries even for just a short period. People go to nightclub for different reasons, it may be fun but it could also leave you vulnerable to crime especially if you are drinking. Keep in mind these safety tips next time you go clubbing;

  • Never go alone, always take people you trust along.
  • If you want to stay in control of your surroundings, you do need to stay sober.
  • Do not take a taxi home if you are alone, have a sober trusted friend or relative take you home.
  • Do not go to a strangers house because there, whether sober or not, you are highly vulnerable.
  • Stick to your friends even when going to the bathroom to avoid being lured into danger.
  • Do not stereotype, yes, even a female can harm you.
  • Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Do not leave your drinks unattended to if you still intend to drink them, someone could be looking to drug you.
  • Leave the place if for any reason you feel uncomfortable.
  • Beware and avoid suspicious looking people.

Visit this cool website on more details on how to be a safe party goer, party thrower and even more importantly how to notice alcohol poisoning. Recommend is the site SAFE PARTY

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Monday, 1 October 2012


Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Going somewhere? On the Link you will find very useful travelling tips for female travelers which we saw from the GO ABROAD website.

Also make sure that;

  • You have all the right travel documents, Have all your documents officiated at the Right Places. Avoid people offering shortcuts or getting money to have your paper work go faster.
  • Do not give Anybody your travel documents. Because then they would have the power to do whatever to you and without an identification on travel, you are more likely headed for trouble.
  • Do not travel alone if possible. Two is indeed better than one.
  • Study directions, methods of travel and currency before you travel. This will be of great help to you.
  • Learn important things about the culture of the place you are travelling to.
  • Research on how women behave and how they are treated, so that you are extra cautious.
  • Carry extra cash, it always comes in handy.

Take extra caution especially if it is your first time travelling to the area. It still does not hurt to research more if you're a frequent traveler. Tell us any stories you have noticed on any of your travels.

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