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Depression is a problem many people choose to be quiet about. Libby Kalis is not keeping quiet about it and is speaking out and helping people with her website.

Having suffered from depression, she has taken a bold step to speak freely about it and educate others by having written even written 2 free e-books on Depression. You could easily interact with her on her on her Facebook page.

Anyone can suffer Depression and if you have been feeling depressed lately. Use the following tips in order to improve your situation;                                    
When you feel depressed resist the urge to withdraw from your circular life as this can only worsen your situation. Feeling bad about your life, take time out to enjoy the sun and beautiful things in life.                                  Seek Professional help. You may not want to but seeking help is a first step to recovery.Share your feelings with a loved one and allow them to be their for you, pamper yourself as well.Adopt a pet to …