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Everything a Girl Needs to Understand before a Relationship

This post was written by Karin via UN Online Volunteering Service.

Everything a girl needs to know before getting into a relationship
When you meet a person for the first time you put on your best behavior. So does the other person. You won’t completely reveal your flaws. Once you get to know the person better you realize what kind of annoying habits the other one has. But already in the relationship it’s too late. You are all tangled up with feelings and stuff…no way to get out of that situation that easily.
All kidding aside, there are some important things to know before getting into a relationship. Those will mainly help prevent that you wake up one morning and feel like in a nightmare.

If the guy truly likes you he will wait until you got it all figured out. There is no need to rush. Following points might help you to see the situation filled up with feelings a little clearer:

You are ready to do your best for someone, every day
We are all human. We can’t be happy, perfect, and loveab…

Heartwarming Perspective of Autism

Hello, I am Mark* It is nice to meet you.

There is something you would like to get to know about me. I am a man with autism. I was diagnosed with the condition when I was very young but I do not consider it a hindrance to my personal development. Rather, I look at it more as an opportunity to get better everyday whatever career I should pursue. To be frank, I do not have one yet but I am still striving for it.

I live by the quote, "Don't judge me until you know me. Don't underestimate me until you challenge me. And don't talk about me until you've talked to me."

It means you have to step back as you look into my sincere and honest words I am putting into before making judgment. I do not care if anyone hates me for whatever I do. I do not expect everyone to understand my journey, I am just saying how I feel.

Being happy is a part of my personality and is associated with instilling and exuding confidence in yourself and others.

I will end this composition by sh…

A Girl Grows Up: Puberty

As the girl turns 10, all over the world, her life is surely about to change. Depending on where she lives, she will be treated differently but mostly, all girls will pass trough the same thing. One thing is sure, life is life, whether you are born in the suburb of New York or in the jungle of Nepal. The needs life are the same, expectations are also the same.
Girls, wherever you are, someone somewhere on this planet is going trough what you are going through. The difference is how aware are you of yourself, your environment, your right, your duties, your future and the opportunities around you.
For sure by the time you are 11, 12 you know very little about what awaits you. In these article we are going to talk about what happens during puberty.

The Changes You will Notice at Puberty

I am 10, 12, hurray! Happy birthday, What a wonderful day, the small girl is now almost a teenager. Little did she know that major changes are about to happen. To start with her body; she notices…

5 Way to Avoid Drug Addictions

This post was written by Stefani via UN Volunteers

Women are often known to stress in their regular daily misunderstandings and unpleasant situations. After all it is in our nature to differ from men, coming from genetic predispositions to different way of thinking. 
As a consequence, others imagine that because of this we are a weak gender, who are subjected to various addictions coming from alcohol, drugs, pills and many others.
The truth of the matter is, every human being, whether male or female, faces challenges everyday and we may all sometimes give in to the temptation of taking a few drugs.
In this post I would like to give You some advice and help You on how to avoid getting stuck in the huge aquarium of drugs.

1.Avoid Emotional Instability - The crucial thing is to avoid emotional instability. A lack of self-confidence can lead to emotionally instability. A person who does not have enough confidence, even though their world be objectively perfect, they may not be able to realize …

Hand Made Care #SAFIGIs

The latest SAFIGI project called #ShareYourCare challenged communities worldwide to share their care with girls who were facing or have overcome a challenge. The nomination event took a week even though the production took much more than 3 months to realize.

This is where the volunteer spirit comes in. With the help of UN Volunteers we worked with three illustrators from Kenya, Philippines and a nine year old artist from the USA contributed with the help of a caring adult.

More volunteers from the community took part and helped in making handmade bracelets, books and buying necessities to complete the project as well as shopping for whistles and small bags for the event.

It was hard work but the event was a success. We sent out 30 care packages to girls nominated in various parts of the world. We reach out to orphans in Cameroon, single mothers who are facing adversity, children who have overcome violence, combating abuse, fighting for their dreams and striving no matter the adversi…

The Women Inspiration Series: Dr Catherine Hamlin

This article was written by Zenith via UN Volunteers

Chapter 4 – Dr Catherine Hamlin (Australia)

In this series, we shift our focus to another continent and country of its own – Australia. It is common for people to want to achieve comfort and stability in our lives and one of the easiest way to do it, is to live in a country of peace and stability. However in this series, we are going to hear the story of a woman who decided to dedicate her life to the ‘restoration of women’s dignity and health’ in Ethiopia.

Catherine Halim and her late-husband Reginald are both physicians and they arrived in Ethiopia in 1959 to establish a midwifery school and they expected to return to Australia in 2 years time. But never did she expect that today, in 2014, she is still there, continuing the work that they began in their youth – giving young women of Ethiopia a second chance at life by repairing fistulas. They have opened the Addis AbabaFistulaHospital in 1974 and have since treated more than 35,000 w…

The Womans Changing Role in Society

Letters to Ms. 1972-1987

This post was written by Stefani via UN Volunteers

Throughout history the role of women has changed a lot. About 100 years ago women were not allowed to work, study, vote, drive and many other things depending from country to country, or from religion to religion. Women were or are associated with domestic duties such as housekeeping, food preparation, and child care. After reading a very interesting article on I decided to share some interesting things with you. It is about a book called Letters to Ms. 1972-1987 edited by Mary Thom with an introduction by Gloria Steinem. I chose this because the letters that were shared in the book were written by regular everyday women during 70s and 80s. I will share some of the most interesting one's with you so you can see for yourself the differences between the woman from past times and today woman or even find something that is still the same. I always insist that women should always stick togeth…

Stress Affects your Health

This post was written by Diana via UN Volunteers

Women’s stress
Has it happened that when someone tells you that you are stressed you get defensive like “No I’m not stressed, I have no worries (I mean I have… but I can manage them, they do not affect me). But believe me somehow, although you do not “feel it” this is not always true. 
Last year I was diagnosed with "Arnolds neuralgia," a medical condition characterized by chronic pain in the upper neck, back of the head and behind the eyes. Ways in which they can be damaged include trauma (usually concussive), repetitive neck contraction, flexion or extension, and all these are as a result of - guess what: Stress. It was only then that I decided to accept that I was stressed! But up to what point do we let the stress progress in our bodies and our lives that it causes disease?
Stress is a feeling you get when faced with a challenge. In small doses, stress can be good for you because it makes you more alert and gives you a burst …

Tell-tale Signs of An Abuser

This post was written by volunteer blogger Karin via UN Volunteering Service.

Meeting a new potential partner is always exciting and emotional. You meet this guy/girl and s/he is THE perfect one. You don't see anything wrong in them because you just met a couple of weeks ago. But sometimes those new relationships with people you just met can go in the wrong direction and soon you find yourself in an abusive relationship. Before getting into a relationship ask yourself the following questions:

Does s/he always blame you when there is a problem?Is s/he going through your phone without asking and without reason?S/he doesn't want you to meet up with your friends and doesn't want to meet them.Is s/he calling you up multiple times a day to know where you are? The questions may seem simple but if you have answered "yes" to any of those questions, it is important that you take a lot of time to evaluate your partner to be sure you are not in an abusive relationship.


The Women Inspiration Series: Lou Xiaoying

This article was written by Zenith via UN Volunteers

Chapter 3 – Lou Xiaoying (China, Eastern Zhejiang)

In this series, we move back to Asia, and in specific, China, the country who has been branded by both positive and negative tags. Beyond the strong economic growth and huge potential as a country, many around the world has also raised concern regarding the huge inequality gap that has become impossible to ignore over the years. 
The inspirational woman of this series has come from probably the least expected background; a rubbish collector. Ms Lou Xiaoying has been hailed a hero by media and many people around the world, after several reports sprung up around the world 2 years back, carrying her story of how she and her late husband having saved more than 30 orphaned babies.

Lou’s journey of saving orphaned children began back in 1972 when she was out collecting rubbish and there she found a baby girl lying amongst the junk on the street, abandoned. Lou brought her back home and raise…