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How to be a Happy Woman: Mindfulness

This post was written by Stefani via UN Volunteering Service.

What do you think about when you wake up? How do you feel when you look yourself in the mirror? Who is the person looking back at you?

I'm asking you these questions because I have realized that “WE” women including myself are never completely satisfied with what we have.  Some of us hate the way we look, some of us hate our job, some of us hate every man on the planet and so on. The list is so long that it would take an entire post to write about things that make us angry.

These are some of the thoughts that went through my head when I woke up, before I knew better: 1.What I think about? Most of the time I worry about all the things I have to do during the day. Very often, there are a lot of tasks, many of which I just don’t like doing, I simply cover my head in the blanket and wish I could sleep the day away.   2.How do I feel? It depends. Sometimes, which is in fact most of the time I think of how big my nose is, how t…

Prevent Bullying

This post was written by Diana via UN Volunteers

When you turn on the TV, of all the news, nothing but watching that "an eight year old killed herself" could be more terrifying. Can you imagine how desperate, unhappy and desolated the girl must have felt to have become suicidal? What could have happened to this girl to make a decision like that? Bullying.

Unfortunately, everyday people from all over the world are being bullied. An estimated 200 million children and youth around the world are being bullied by their peer according to the 2007 Kandersteg Declaration Against Bullying in Children and Youth.

But Statistics get worse for girls. According to a recent study from Murdoch Children's Research Institute, girls were much more likely than boys to be victims of both cyber and traditional bullying. With most of the schools talking about bullying and the media regularly reporting on the latest research, it would seem like we're part of a new phenomenon but the thing i…

How to Stand Up for Yourself

This post was written by Volunteer blogger Karin via UN Volunteers
How to stand up for yourself? In life you’ll meet a lot of different people. With some you might not get along and there will be people that will challenge you daily. Times when a friend asked you a favor and you said yes, even though you did not really want to. How many times did you watch a movie you didn’t want to see because a friend pressured you? When was the last time you helped out a classmate with a project and procrastinated on your own? Think about the times you worked overtime for a co-worker and the only thing you wanted to do, was to enjoy your free day. Being too nice can hurt you.
The fear of standing up for yourself A common misconception that women have about standing up for themselves is that they will come off as aggressive or bitchy. You might be scared of stepping on someone’s toes, to bruise someone’s ego, or to make someone feel uncomfortable. Unless you get rid of those misconceptions your self-es…

A Secret Safe to Tell - a must read for every child

Meet a young girl, something terrible has been done to her and she is forced to keep it a secret. Will she ever be free again? You and your child can go through the journey with her in the book ‘A Secret Safe to Tell.’
The book explores the challenge a child faces when lured into doing something they shouldn’t by someone they trust. This book will encourage children to open up to a trusted adult and let them know that no matter how afraid they are or difficult their problem seems, help is available.
A Secret Safe to Tell is a picture book that appeals to a child because of its bright colors and also easily guides the adult with the accompanying short sentences. The illustrations in the book stand out, allowing sole focus on the characters and what they are experiencing in each scene.
The character guides us step by step through, from before the ordeal until after without putting focus to a sole issue even though it can clearly be deduced. This is a good step because it gives an opening…

The Women Inspiration Series: Trisha Prabhu

This article was written by Zenith via UN Volunteers

Chapter 2 – Trisha Prahbu (United States)

For the second inspiring story I decided to delve in upon, is the story of a 13 years old girl, Trisha Prabhu from the United States. She has invented a program that has been proven to be highly successful in encouraging cyber bullies to think twice before posting any offensive comments online. Her project has won her a spot as one of Google’s 15 Global Science Fair finalists.

Prahbu created a system called Rethink to test her hypothesis; if teens are forced to take a moment of reflection before posting a mean comment, they won't do it. Rethink included a content filtering system which screens for abusive words and phrases in messages, and posts a warning asking the user if they are sure they want to post a message including them before it is sent.
It turned out that in 94.43% of her 533 trials, the student decided not to post the comment.
After proving her hypothesis, Prabhu wants to create …

The Women Inspiration Series: Wong Li Lin

This article was written by Zenith via UN Volunteers

Chapter 1 – Wong Li Lin (Singapore)
If we were to talk about inspirational figures, many at times, the immediate names that appear in conversations would probably be people like Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or even Barack Obama. However, to find the simple inspirational female figures in our daily lives, will probably be much tougher.
So given this is my first blog post, I wish to start a series – to find the inspirational stories of women around the world, and share it with everyone. And where can be a better place to begin, than my own country; Singapore.

The lady I wish to introduce today is Wong Li Lin. She is a well-known actress and host of the local media industry and also a ballerina. Recently, she has also been appointed as Community Chest Ambassador, and Lifestyle Health Advisor, teaching people how to eat healthy as well as exercise properly, and providing consultancy services, beyond being a media personality.