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5 Way to Avoid Drug Addictions

This post was written by Stefani via UN Volunteers

Women are often known to stress in their regular daily misunderstandings and unpleasant situations. After all it is in our nature to differ from men, coming from genetic predispositions to different way of thinking. 
As a consequence, others imagine that because of this we are a weak gender, who are subjected to various addictions coming from alcohol, drugs, pills and many others.
The truth of the matter is, every human being, whether male or female, faces challenges everyday and we may all sometimes give in to the temptation of taking a few drugs.
In this post I would like to give You some advice and help You on how to avoid getting stuck in the huge aquarium of drugs.

1.Avoid Emotional Instability - The crucial thing is to avoid emotional instability. A lack of self-confidence can lead to emotionally instability. A person who does not have enough confidence, even though their world be objectively perfect, they may not be able to realize …

Hand Made Care #SAFIGIs

The latest SAFIGI project called #ShareYourCare challenged communities worldwide to share their care with girls who were facing or have overcome a challenge. The nomination event took a week even though the production took much more than 3 months to realize.

This is where the volunteer spirit comes in. With the help of UN Volunteers we worked with three illustrators from Kenya, Philippines and a nine year old artist from the USA contributed with the help of a caring adult.

More volunteers from the community took part and helped in making handmade bracelets, books and buying necessities to complete the project as well as shopping for whistles and small bags for the event.

It was hard work but the event was a success. We sent out 30 care packages to girls nominated in various parts of the world. We reach out to orphans in Cameroon, single mothers who are facing adversity, children who have overcome violence, combating abuse, fighting for their dreams and striving no matter the adversi…

The Women Inspiration Series: Dr Catherine Hamlin

This article was written by Zenith via UN Volunteers

Chapter 4 – Dr Catherine Hamlin (Australia)

In this series, we shift our focus to another continent and country of its own – Australia. It is common for people to want to achieve comfort and stability in our lives and one of the easiest way to do it, is to live in a country of peace and stability. However in this series, we are going to hear the story of a woman who decided to dedicate her life to the ‘restoration of women’s dignity and health’ in Ethiopia.

Catherine Halim and her late-husband Reginald are both physicians and they arrived in Ethiopia in 1959 to establish a midwifery school and they expected to return to Australia in 2 years time. But never did she expect that today, in 2014, she is still there, continuing the work that they began in their youth – giving young women of Ethiopia a second chance at life by repairing fistulas. They have opened the Addis AbabaFistulaHospital in 1974 and have since treated more than 35,000 w…