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Have you been looking for answers? You can find some answers in our videos done by volunteers all over the world. Scroll down for more.

And if you are a parent or educator looking for how to teach your child basic safety skills, download our free Safety Education Course, filled with interactive lesson plans and fun ways to teach youngsters on inner safety such as mental, emotional and relative health, and outer safety, such as taking care of oneself, the environment and those around us.

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The If A Girl project is going to post one video every week of 2015 to answer some common questions that girls wonder about or just need to know of. If you are a guy, do not worry, the message is gender neutral and you can benefit from it too.

Visit our website or social media every Saturday for a new video. Like it, Tweet it or share. Contact Us, if you'd like to contribute.

Watch the videos below.

JANUARY (Week 1 - 5)

By Amanda, Philippines

By Kamesha, USA

By Stela, Bulgaria

By Vaida, Romania

By Diana, USA

FEBRUARY (Week 6 - 9)

By Aime, Canada

If a girl lives without human rights

By Prerna

If a girl wants to commit suicide

By Claudia, Ecuador & Brazil

If a girl witnesses a crime
By Jezile, Philippines

MARCH (Week 10 - 13)

If a girl is depressed

by Kreeta

If a girl has been abused

by Cathleen, Philippines

If a girl has a bad roommate

by Dr. Patricia, Australia

If a girl cannot find a job

by Rubeliza & Reina

APRIL (Week 14 - 17)

If a girl is Unhappy

By Hom Zurn

If a girl is unsure what to do with her life

By Sarah Kristine

If a girl is lonely

By April

If a girl is choosing a career

By Shalini

MAY (Week 18 - 22)

If a girl does not like herself

By Viona

If a girl has been cheated on

By Sarah

If a girl feels abused

By Dorothy

If a girl wants to be independent

By Mariia

If a girl wants to do cosmetic surgery

via St. George's International School, Cologne

June (Week 23 - 26)

If a girl is going to a party

By Faith

If a girls' daily safety tips (Short Film)

By Hadassah

If a girl cannot sleep

via St. George's International School, Cologne

If a girl has been blackmailed

via St. George's International School, Cologne

JULY (Week 27 - 32)

If a girl does not feel beautiful  - Anna's Story

By Valery

If a girl wants to go backpacking

By Bruna

If a girl has emotional problems

By Nour

If a girl is experiencing puberty

via St. George's International School UN Club

August (Week 33 - 36)

If a girl has a depressed friend

by Manan Modi

If A girl is choosing a role model

by Diana Brandl

If a girl has no confidence

by Machelle Johnson

If a girl is liked by an authority figure

by Alinne

If a girl has lost someone she loves

by Amanda

September (Week 37 - 40)

If a girl cannot fit in

Sarah Kristine

If a girl wants to abstain

by Florence

If a girl wants to have sex for the first time

by Ruchika

If a girl is in an abusive relationship

by Stela

October (Week 41 - 45)

If a girl is walking home alone

by Kamesha

If a girl self harms

by Bogdan

If a girl wants to be promoted at work

by Manan

If A Girl feels worthless

By Claudia

If a girl lives alone

By Myrto

November (Week 46 - 49)

If a girl has trust issues

by Amanda

If a girl is always jealous

By Viona

If a girl is being catcalled

By Bogdan

If a girl feels unsafe

By Cladia

December (Week 50 - 52)

If a girl is attacked

By Amy

If a girl wants a support group

By Sontia

If a girl wants to volunteer

By Hadassah

Thank you to all our volunteers for joining in our 'If A Girl' Campaign.

SAFIGI Outreach Foundation LTD.

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