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If a girl can't find a job

By Rubeliza & Reina via UN Volunteers

1,000 emails later and not one single reply. Is it me or is it them? Did I choose the wrong course to study? Why, but my friend got a job immediately. I need a job, any job, just take me. These are just some of the few thoughts that goes through the mind of anyone who has struggled with finding a job.
Unemployment is rising but there are still people getting jobs out there and we will too. But why does finding a job, a good job at that, have to be so difficult especially even if you are already qualified. I am not an employer so I can’t tell you that but as someone who has once been on the unemployment bench for a long time, I’ll tell you this.
There is a job out there for you, it doesn’t matter if you have to send 1,000 cover letters, resume’s and cvs to the wrong company, when you send to the right company for you, they will reply.  Do not in any case become desperate. It is easy to become desperate when you have a loan to pay but job recruiter…

If a girl has a bad roommate

By Dr. Jenkings via UN Volunteers

Once in our life we may encounter that one roommate who we just don’t agree with. Whether  this disagreement is in secret or an open argument, there are some steps to take in order to avoid negative influence from a bad roommate.
Let’s define a bad roommate; there is no one true characteristic to detect one but the basic features of a bad roommate include a person who is unwilling to coexist peacefully in your living space or someone who is trying to negatively influence you and doesn’t contribute to your personal growth. While a roommate is not a lifetime partner, their influence can affect our wellbeing during the time we spend with them.
The easiest way to notice a bad roommate is seeing the quality of life you are leading after they come into your life. Are you suddenly unhappy, irritable, have your grades gone down and is your relationship with others gone downhill? Then try to connect if any of this is as a result of your roommate.
However, before …

If a girl has a been abused

By Cathleen via UN Volunteers

Being abused is the most damaging thing that can happen to anyone. It steals your confidence, scars your mind and makes it hard to move on with life, it can even give trust issues and in worst cases mental disorders. Abuse is a bad thing and I am so sorry it happened to you.

I believe you can overcome the abuse you have faced and defeat those monsters that torment you at night. The first thing you must know is that you did not deserve it, you do not deserve and never will you have deserved it.
Being abused is not your fault. The shame and guilt that comes with it is not yours to carry and should only be felt by that wicked person who hurt you. If you are still being abused, break that cycle today. Report your abuser, ask for help from trusted friends or an organization near you. You have to fight back to protect your body and soul from harm.
If you’ve just left an abusive relationship, I want to say well done. What you have done is a brave thing and no one bu…

If a girl is depressed

By Kreeta via UN Volunteers

Depression,  we’ve all felt it some time in our life. Are you feeling depressed right now, have you been down for a long time? The first step to beating depression is admitting that you have it.
You first feel sad, then you feel angry but that anger slowly drains your energy and now you don’t want to leave your bed, life has lost its meaning and you just can’t be happy. It is possible to smile and still be depressed, that doesn’t mean the problem isn’t serious.
Depression can lead to more serious consequences such as drug abuse, chronic sadness, suicidal thoughts, mental illness like bipolar, to name just a few.  You may also lose your job and friends. But if your friends leave when you are depressed, were they really friends at all?
The truth is, people deal with conflict differently. When you are depressed, everything seems to fall apart because a negative force such as depression attracts negative consequences.
When you feel depressed and don’t want to get ou…