Saturday, 30 May 2015

If a girl wants to have cosmetic surgery

Experts have weighed in on what leads to and causes teens to turn to cosmetic surgery at a certain age. Are you considering it?

Is there something about your body you just wish you could change? What is it? Is your forehead too large, your lips too small, your nose too crooked – oh, your breasts are too flat and you call that a bum, I can’t even see it. To be honest, if you scrutinize every detail to find a fault, you will find a fault yet again, there is nothing imperfect. Who told you that a large forehead or a big nose is not the normal? And who said human ears are supposed to be flat?

The point is, there is no model for the perfect human, no measurements as to what a person should be or not. What we see every day to be perfect is what the media, society or our peers reinforce as human perfection but if you look closely, you will see that even those images are distorted by photoshop, lighting or manipulation of some sort. 

There are beautiful people yes, but they are just people. Remember that the true essence of life does not revolve around what a person looks like.

Are you considering getting cosmetic surgery simply for beautification, ask yourself why? Keep in mind that surgery not only changes you but that it is irreversible – you cannot get back what you looked like after surgery. It is also costly; will you dedicate your efforts to getting money to change yourself – what if you dedicated your efforts to getting money to use it for activities that will build you inside and out like taking a trip, donating or focus on things that make you feel beautiful inside.

Surgery is also dangerous and can prove fatal, and even if you survive, it is not guaranteed that you will be happy with the end result. And even if you are, you will have to keep maintaining the surgery because it does not develop like the rest of your body.  Are you willing to take all these risks?

If you are ready to take these risks, then first consult a therapist to make sure that this surgery is not as a result of an underlying mental problem. Once you’ve done this, choose the correct surgeon; avoid fake surgeons by checking the result of the surgeons previous work. Only use a certified center and avoid choosing the cheapest option because this may hurt your body.

Find others who have had surgery before and talk to them in person to get their opinion. Also listen to the opinions of your loved ones before you make the choice. Research heavily on the type of surgery you want until you know each procedure involved and how long it will take. Think about what you will be doing during the time your surgery is healing and how you will manage during recovery. 

Remember, there is no perfect beauty.

Love who you are and make decisions that will benefit you and your health in the long term. Be safe.

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This video was made with the voluntary assistance of students at St. George International School in Cologne.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

If a girl wants to be independent

By Mariia via UN Volunteers

I will tell you some things you need to know about being an independent woman. First of all, independence is an individual choice. It is not forced but must be wanted. You must want independence enough to be willing to fight for it.

The benefit of true independence is that you get to rely on yourself for what you need. Believe me when I tell you that being independent goes beyond just having enough money to live by yourself, it means being free to make your own decision, feeling emotions without holding back, choosing what to believe in and how to believe it. Personal independence is a beautiful experience.

On your journey to being independent, remember that every choice has its consequences. To achieve independence you will have to work hard for yourself. Getting independent off other peoples backs is not true independence. You will also have to be responsible for yourself, when things work out you will take the praise but if things don’t work out be ready to accept your part in it.

Being independent does not mean you now turn your back on the world. A truly independent person knows when to seek the help of others. Independence does not happen in one day but if you celebrate your little independence each day, one day you will truly be free.

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

If a girl feels abused

By Dorothy via UN Volunteers

When you first think of abuse, what comes to mind? A woman with a black eye, a child that is being forced to work or sexual abuses such as rape. It is true, all this is abuse but there is so much more to abuse than what can be seen.

Most abuse happens in relationships and most abusers are people who are close to the victim. Abuse goes beyond battering, torture, forced labor or rape. Abuse also includes when you feel manipulated to stay in a relationship, abuse is when you are insulted, degraded and made to feel worthless. In short, abuse can be physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual.

A parent can abuse a child. A partner can abuse their spouse. A boss can abuse their worker and so on. This is to say, abuse can happen to anyone and can be done by anyone – never judge a person by looks, an abuser can look friendly to everyone but the victim always knows the truth.

Are you in an abusive relationship? Do you feel scared, emotionally scarred and worthless because of someone else. Are you beaten, accused or raped and then blamed for it? Yes, rape can also happen in an intimate relationship.

If you find yourself in such a situation, remember that it is not your fault! The abuser is to blame for the abuse. Break the cycle of abuse by finding a way to escape. Take evidence of the abuse being done to you so that you will have proof when you report this to the law.

If you cannot leave your abusive relationship, find tactics to avoid any encounter with the abuser. Study their habits and make sure to keep away from them at all costs. Never let the abuser know that you are planning to leave them. Tell the abuser that what they are doing to you is hurting you and do not allow yourself to be manipulated into staying with an abuser.

You only live one life, spend it with people who build you and not break you. Seek help today. Be safe. 

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If you are a witness to abuse, don't keep silent just because it is not happening to you, as well. Speak out and be the difference.


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Saturday, 9 May 2015

If a girl has been cheated on

By Sarah

When we are in a relationship with someone, we trust them not to hurt us. One of the biggest hurts that can come from a relationship is the pain we feel if we discover that our partner has cheated on us. The reason for this is we feel betrayal, every special moment looks like a lie and we start to wonder if it is our fault to be cheated on like that.

I have always believed that a relationship is two ways – it needs equal work from both people in it. If someone decides to cheat on you, they did the action, not you so the cheating is their responsibility and not yours.

If you find out your partner has cheated on you, it is okay to feel angry but don’t let your anger destroy you or lead you to destroy other things or people. Accept that you have been cheated on even if this is painful. Ask your partner for the real reason they chose to cheat. If a person cheats once, it is okay to give them a second chance but if a person cheats on you more than once, it is likely that they are a serial cheater who will expose you to emotional and psychological trauma and even sexually transmitted diseases. 

So think carefully about yourself and your future before you choose to continue your relationship with the cheater. If you choose to stay, make sure that you and your partner go for testing for sexually transmitted illness, talk with your partner on how to avoid the cheating happening again, do not revenge on your partner by cheating with someone else because that makes you a cheat as well and two wrongs do not make one right. Forgive your partner and once you have buried the hatchet, do not bring back the cheating incident as a way to manipulate them, otherwise you may not have forgiven at all and should consider leaving the relationship.

Leaving a relationship is not easy but once you have been cheated on, you have to consider what is good for you in the long term. Once you have left the relationship, leave the bitterness behind and focus on rebuilding your happiness.

When you leave a relationship, check your health status to make sure that you did not contract any disease or to be sure that you are not pregnant. Surround yourself with people that you love such as family, friends or even a pet.

Do things that you love and before looking for love again, love yourself first.

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This video was made possible by the UN Model Club of St. George's International School in Cologne.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

If a girl doesnt like herself

by Viona via UN Volunteers

Do you know what can make your life terrible every day? Living in a body that you do not like. I mean, you are stuck in your body for the rest of your life and no matter if you modify it, you can never exchange it. It is still your body and the emotions you feel beneath are going to be the same. 

Not liking the body you live in is equivalent to insulting yourself for a choice that you did not make.

Imagine this, none of us were there when the first human being existed and we don’t know what she or he looked like, so why would you let anyone tell you if your body is good enough or not. While the human features are basically the same with head, hands, feet, there is no detailed template on what a human should look like, so don’t let anyone tell you that your body is not the right fit. No, not even you.

Focus on being healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally but mind you, health is not reflected by a number on the scale. Don’t starve yourself or dress in the way that you don’t like just because you want to fit in. The only place you should be trying to fit in is your body and believe me, you are a perfect match. Society, media or friends can say that you are not but believe me, without influence of society, media or friends, you would see nothing wrong with you.

To like yourself, gives you the opportunity to live a more fulfilling life. Take note that accepting who you are and liking yourself are quite different. To start liking yourself again, every time you wake up in the morning, tell yourself aloud ‘It is good to be me.’ You may not believe yourself at first and you may feel a little embarrassed but as you keep saying that, it will start to sink into your mind that it is good to be you no matter what you look like. Do not ever compare yourself with others, there was only one original human and no one was there to tell what his or her appearance was.

Look in the mirror and see your true self. Shut off that media barking at the back of your head and telling you all that is wrong with you. Each day, find a new thing to love about yourself, write it down and stick it on your mirror. You may feel discouraged to do so every day but by doing this you are building your own self confidence and finding the true beauty that you are.

It is meaningless for someone else to convince you that you are beautiful if you don’t believe it yourself. But believe me, you are a unique individual so start liking who you are today. Be safe.