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If a girl has an abusive boyfriend

By Stela Koleva

To every person reading this who is in an abusive relationship, I have one word for you: Leave.
Abusive relations are not only physically, mentally and socially damaging but they also put your life at risk. Hard to believe, picture this; you come home and your partner punches you in the face because you forgot to turn off the tv. Or, you are minding your own business when your partner verbally insults you because they’ve had a terrible day. Or imagine being locked out of the house because you were a minute late.
Living in an abusive relationship is the same as living with a terrorist. You feel intimidated, threatened and you are always walking on egg shells. One minute you will be laughing together and the next instant they turn into a monster that terrifies you. You are not sure if that night you will sit by the fire together or if you will be left in the cold with silent treatment.
It is soooo confusing. Why would anyone have to put up with that? The world is full …

If a girl wants to have sex for the first time

Video by Ruchika Sharma via UN Volunteers

Article written by Diana Huaman

This is all you need to know before and after having sex.

Sex for the first time
“Make sure it is the right person, right place and the right time” is something that I think every woman has to evaluate carefully when deciding to have sex for the first time.

Virginity is something that does not return and losing it means doing it forever so that’s why you don’t have to rush, also to avoid consequences you are not looking for (such as an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease) and start your sex life positively.

No one can pressure you to have sex. It is a decision that you yourself should take and which must be fully convinced. Sex is not going to improve the relationship or help you “win back” your partner. Who really loves you, will NEVER press you (directly or indirectly) to do anything you're not sure.

What Happens During First Time Sex?

Sexual intercourse between two people starts with both of …

If a girl wants to abstain

By Florence Laraiyetan via UN Volunteers

Sex is such a big deal these days. You see sex idolized in media, everywhere you look something is sexualized. It’s like the world is screaming ‘No place for virgins’ and you don’t want your friends to keep giving you that eye when they see you talking to a boy, their eyes screaming to you that ‘it’s time…’ It’s time you joined everyone in the ‘no virginity lane…’ everyone lives there anyway.
What I am here to tell you is that the choice to have sex or not, is truly yours and no one else’s. Just to let you know, you will not look any different or act any different after you have sex, the only thing that would have changed is that you will allow someone else to see the carnal you and that is the most vulnerable moment in life whether you are in a relationship or it’s just a one night stand.

Do you still need convincing? Not having sex until you are ready will save you the stress of birth control pills, worrying about STIs or STDs, worrying about if…

If a girl cannot fit in

By Sarah Kristine via UN Volunteers

We all want to fit in. It’s a human thing. Society tells us something is wrong with us if we can’t fit in so when we fail to be part of a group, we start to believe that there is something wrong with us.
I am here to tell you this, whether you fit on or not, there is nothing wrong with you. Humans are diverse, with different characters and failure to fit in just means you may not have found the people who share the same values as you and that is okay.
So how do you cope when you can’t fit in? Firstly, don’t feel sorry for yourself. You are not a sad story and even if no one wants to hang out with you, it doesn’t mean you have to make your own company miserable. Secondly, find interesting things you can do on your own so that you can occupy your time with something useful; read a book or practice a hobby.
Don’t be afraid to make a first move. If you are in a new place, don’t be shy to say hello first. Of course there will always be people who are not fr…