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If a girl feels unsafe

By Claudia via UN Online Volunteering

Safety is an important element in daily life. In fact, it is so crucial to have safety that it is listed the second most needed necessity in life just after food and water, according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

Safety goes beyond just taking measures to avoid incidents or accidents. Safety is a mental state as well as a way of life.

Emotional, mental, and physical health are all are integral part of being safe. What we eat, where we sleep, the relationships wenform also determine our safety level.

A lack in any of the above mentioned areas can cause us to feel unsafe. Feeling unsafe is detrimental to our wellness because it leads to fear, which can then lead to trust issues, wrong decisions or being victimized at the hands of others or circumstances.

In the above video, UN Volunteer for SAFIGI tells us what to do when we feel unsafe.

If a girl is being catcalled

Video by Bogdan via UN Volunteers

Post written by Karin 
How to respond when men tease you (as a girl/woman) when you're minding your own business or simply walking down the street.

Imagine: You’re walking down the street. It’s a nice sunny day outside and you’re wearing your favorite dress or those cute little shorts you just bought. You feel great and you are on the way to meet your friend. You pass a group of guys and then suddenly you hear one of them say: “Look at that sexy bitch.” What is you reaction? Do you feel flattered? Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you feel disrespected?
This scenario of cat-calling is experienced pretty much by every woman at least once in her life. Some might say that women overreact by disliking and feeling uncomfortable when being cat called. But who are those people who allow themselves to call out to girls and women, and judge them?

It is never ok to cat call a girl. Once, I was walking down the street with a good friend of mine. It doesn’t matter ho…

If a girl is always jealous

By Viona Muliru via UN Volunteers

How you ever been so jealous that everything else did not matter to you? Yes, jealousy can blind you. There are two types of jealousy. The jealousy when you feel lust for something that is not yours or envy someone because of who or what someone else is. And then there is the jealousy where you strongly want to protect what or who is yours from others.
The jealousy type which involves protecting what or who you love is healthy, but only if expressed in healthy ways. However, if you become overprotective of the one you love, it is possible that you will appear insecure and they may start to feel trapped in the relationship.
Always remember, just because you are in a relationship with someone does not mean you own them. Relationships should be mutual, where both of you want to stay in it every new day. If you have to build walls around you partner for them not to leave, then that becomes a dictatorship relationship, which is very unhealthy.
To deal with th…

If a girl has trust issues

By Amanda via UN Volunteers

Trust is like a mirror, you can’t fix it if it’s broken, so they say. They never mention that you can easily walk over the shattered pieces even when you thought you had it all cleaned up. Yes, that is trust, once it is broken, it is not only hard to put back together but will potentially hurt you even more.
Why trust anyone at all, you may ask, it only gives someone a chance to hurt us. Yes there is a risk someone can hurt your heart but there is more than equal chance that someone can also bless your heart.
Trust is the strongest foundation any relationship can have and without trust, a healthy relationship cannot last. Human society grew to what it is today by relationship with one another and for relationships to be formed you will need to trust someone in order to relate to them no matter the type of relationship.
So what do you do if your ability to trust has been broken by disappointment, betrayal , heart break or something else? It is okay to be skeptic…