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If a girl wants to volunteer

by Hadassah Louis

At SAFIGI Outreach Foundation, we believe that anyone can make a difference no matter who you are, where you come from or what your qualifications are.

It is for this reason that we create volunteer opportunities that anyone can do, at a maximal time and in a way that will be beneficial in raising awareness on key causes, spreading safety education lesson plans and also transforming societies to development for each and every member - all through volunteerism.

You can join us today. Contact us for more details on how you can volunteer.

If a girl wants a support group

Video by Sontia Levy, Founder of Women Talk... Little Girls Listen

'Man is not an island' is a common saying. Another common African proverb states that 'If I go alone, I go faster, if we go together, I reach further.'

The human being is a social creature, therefore we need each other to survive, and it is true, there is strength in numbers. In modern day, technology has made it easier to connect. This, however, is not enough as issues such as loneliness, depression and Social anxiety, to name just a few, continues to afflict even the average person.

Having a support group can help elevate mental illness, suicidal thoughts, loneliness and more, and the support group can provide unity, safety, support, advice and love, to name a few.

So where and how do you find a support group?

1. Join a club with people who enjoy the same activities as you.

2. When online, follow Facebook pages, tumblr, or blogs that highlight your values. Connect through commenting, contributing post…

If a girl is attacked

By Amy, SAFIGI Volunteer

An attack is a physical, emotional or mental confrontation that is aimed at causing harm to the victim. An attack can be lauched by anyone regardless of age and gender, and at any time.

If you are faced with an attack, do the following:

1. Take a Step Back
The easiest response to an attack on us is to react immediately. This is an important thing if the danger is imminent, but if there is time to think of run away - it is best to avoid the situation.

2. Understand the Attack and What the Attacker Wants
Why is the attack happening and what does the attacker aim to achieve are key points you need to know when dealing with a volatile situation in order to know the best response.

3. What Kind of Attack is It?
An attack can be physical, emotional, mental, or psychological. Understand the type of attack you are facing so that your response can be effective.

4. Defend Yourself
If the situation cannot be avoided, find a way to defend yourself. Taking some effective se…