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If a girl has no friends

By Diana, 61, USA via UN Volunteers

I believe every person should have at least one trustworthy friend in their life. Life is beautiful but it is even better to experience it with someone who sees through the same lens as you. It is okay to be comfortable with being alone but it is enriching to know that you have someone else other than you to count on. If you have no friends, firstly, don’t feel bad about it and secondly, don’t blame everyone else or yourself. Friendship is a two way street and sometimes no one is to blame if no one walks your path. If you are comfortable with having no friends, embrace your independence as long as it is what keeps you happy. If you are comfortable with being alone and yet you want someone to depend on, embrace doing things independently but never cut off other people completely. The thing about friends is being with someone or doing things for another without feeling used. If you like to be alone but sometimes want to have someone to lean on, make sure…

If a girl is being bullied

By Bogdan, 29, Romania via UN Volunteers

I want to tell you that if you feel bullied, you probably are. Bullying can be emotional, mental or even physical but all types of bullying are serious and need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Is it at school, is it at work or is it even someone in your family? Maybe no one believes you but I believe you and I believe you will rise above bullying.
Bullies try to intimidate you, bring you down or force you to do what he or she wants, against your will. The hardest type of bullying to notice is the one that involves manipulation but the truth is anyone being bullied knows it deep within so there is hope that we can conquer all forms of bullying.
If you are experiencing bullying, the first thing you must do is realize that you do not deserve it. By believing that you should not be bullied by anyone no matter what will make it easier for you to strongly say no to it. 
Do not be afraid to say no or call out a bully for what they are doing. If …

If a girl wants to drop out of school

By Stela, 32, Bulgaria via UN Volunteers

In my life, I was taught that education is the key to success. That education is a precious gift that should not be wasted. That education will open my mind to things I could have never imagined. I am sure they told you the same.
What no one told us is that you will have to sit hours and hours in a lecture, you have to do homework, projects and thesis, that you will have to be early to class, that you have to sacrifice time and some of the things you love and most painful of all, accumulate student debt.
Is education really worth all that? My answer is yes. Yes, education is worth all that. Think of it this way, education gives us the opportunity to understand the world system we live in, education helps us interact with people in our society and education is needed to make the world move forward. You are what it takes to make the world move forward.
If you are thinking of quitting, ask yourself why. Is quitting beneficial to you in the long t…

If a girl is pregnant (Teenage Pregnancy)

By Kamesha, 30, USA via UN Volunteers

Teenage pregnancy is a very challenging time for any girl who has had to experience it. Not only does teenage pregnancy put stress on a young body that is not ready for a child, it also causes emotional stress as well as adding difficult responsibilities to the youngster.
If you are below 21 and you discover that you are pregnant, the first thing to do is keep calm. Keeping calm can help reduce anxiety which may be harmful for you and your baby. Realize that there are now two people you will be responsible for, which include you and the baby you will have.
Abortion is an option to terminate the baby but this adds more stress to the body and can even prove fatal. It also carries heavy long term emotional consequences that you will have to face in your daily life. Keeping the baby may seem hard at first but knowledge is power. If you know you cannot keep the baby, there is always social services that can help you manage the baby or put it in a better…

If a girl has an online friend she has never met

By Amanda, 19, Philippines via UN Volunteers

WiFi. Ask the average urban person what they cannot spend a day without and they will certainly mention the internet. The rise of social media has also made the web experience more exciting. The world is becoming more a global village and now we can even talk to someone from oceans away in a matter of seconds. Thanks internet.

Social media has even opened doors to meeting people we would have never actually met in real life. And the way these networks work is that you can so easily connect with people with the same interests as you without having the social anxiety that could come if it happened in real life.
Speaking of real life, remember that the profiles you see online only show a certain perspective of a person. It is very difficult to judge a person character by how well they present their profile which is why I insist to refrain from getting overly involved with people you’ve never met.
The odds could be that the stranger you are chatti…


The If A Girl project (2015) was about posting one video every week of 2015 to answer some common questions young girls ask, or need to know about. The videos are gender neutral and can be beneficial to males as well..

Watch the videos below.

JANUARY (Week 1 - 5)
If A Girl has an online friend she's never met
By Amanda, Philippines

If A Girl is pregnant
By Kamesha, USA

If A Girl wants to drop out of school
By Stela, Bulgaria

If A Girl is being bullied
By Vaida, Romania

If A Girl has no friends
By Diana, USA

FEBRUARY (Week 6 - 9)
If A Girl is raped
By Aime, Canada

If a girl lives without human rights

By Prerna

If a girl wants to commit suicide

By Claudia, Ecuador & Brazil

If a girl witnesses a crime
By Jezile, Philippines

MARCH (Week 10 - 13)

If a girl is