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If a girl witnesses a crime

By Jezile, 20, Philippines via UN VOLUNTEERS

We never want crime to happen to us but what should we do when we see crime being done to others? Should we be silent spectators and wait for it to blow over, should we help even if no one seems interested in helping or is it our business at all?
Bringing a criminal to justice helps prevent crime from happening to the next person. It is a social responsibility to confront crime and bring criminals to the law even though the crime hasn’t happened to you.
Crime is any social injustice that is committed and usually leaves one or many victims in tow. Just because a crime hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It is therefore the responsibility of each and every one of us to help end crime.

If you happen to find yourself at a scene of a crime, if possible, stay as discreet as possible by not bringing any attention to yourself. Try to understand what is happening and think of the best way possible to help the victim. Call the police i…

If a girl wants to commit suicide

By Claudia, 23, Ecuador & Brazil via UN Volunteers

I will tell you why you shouldn’t commit suicide. I know, I know nothing about your story or the darkness that you are going through, well, it is even a miracle that you got this far. Every day for you is a survival that is not celebrated but I would like you to know that your life is worth celebrating, every single day.
Suicidal thoughts lead to suicide, which means killing yourself for whatsoever reasons. I could go into the statistics of how many people kills themselves everyday but I won’t, because you are not a statistic and those who took their lives are not just numbers. They are humans, who once lived and fought many demons that they couldn’t overcome in the end. That will not be your story because today you will beat those suicidal thoughts and conquer.
Suicidal thoughts can be caused by mental illness, chronic sadness, losing something or someone you cherished the most in your life, feeling very angry about your life and…

If a girl lives without human rights

By Prerna, via UN Volunteers

You that you are a free person. At least every person should be born free and equal. In fact, that is the way it is. When someone is born, they are equal to every other new born child regardless of race or gender, however, society comes in and tells us what we can or cannot be. It dictates how free we can be and tries to force everyone into a box.
Sometimes you just can’t fit the box society puts you in. Are you living in a region where women are treated like second class citizens, where you are not allowed to fulfill your heartfelt desires because people of your ‘gender’ are not allowed to? Let me tell you this, you are not alone. It is time you stood up for your rights and claimed what is rightfully yours.
We only live one life, can you possibly spend it trying to please the status quo? Trying to please society? Being treated mercilessly by those in authority? Say no to human right abuses today, it doesn’t matter where you live because we all need to wor…

If a girl is raped

By Aime Hutton from Canada, Founder of Inch by Inch empowerment

Rape is a unlawful sexual contact or penetration, with or without force.

It is horrific to experience rape, such an encounter does not only hurt the body but it also scars the mind and emotions. Moving on after rape is also a difficult journey but unless you start to take that journey, the wound left unattended can only grow.

If you have been raped, this is what you should do:

Know that it is not your fault. It cannot be your fault. You didn't force the person to force themselves on you. It doesn't matter what you were wearing at the time, if you were in a compromised position or whatever, any sexual encounter you didn't want, any sexual penetration without consent is rape. And yes, rape can happen in a relationship.

Remember who your rapist is. You do not want what happened to you to happen again to you or anyone else so report your rapist as soon as possible.

Go to the hospital immediately. It is advisable not …