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If a girl is choosing a career

By Shalini via UN Volunteers

Making a career choice is an important step in life. This is because a career is your chosen purpose in life. It is the thing that you are giving back to the world because you love it. But the thing is, not everyone loves the career they are in and this can be because of various reasons.
Some reasons that may cause you not to like your chosen career path is if you do not love what you are doing, if your expectations for the career are cut short, if the rewards are not pleasing and if you chose the career simply because it looks good, pays right or you were pressured into it.
It is never too late to choose a career, whether you are already working in a certain job or if you are just getting started. In life, sometimes we don’t have a choice but when it comes to choosing a career, the possibilities are laid out in front of you to choose.
The first things when choosing a career is, write down on a piece of paper the things that you love to do. Make sure that the…

If a girl is lonely

By April via UN Volunteers

Loneliness is something a human being will experience at least once in their lifetime. But it doesn’t feel any good to be lonely especially in a room full of people. In extremes, loneliness can lead to mental illness or chronic sadness but we don’t want that to happen to you.
There are a few ways to deal with loneliness. First of all, love your own company. You are in your body for as long as you live so be comfortable with being alone. Love and appreciate yourself because you are worth it.
Once you have become comfortable with being alone, don’t let loneliness keep you from trying to meet new people. The best people you will meet are those who are doing the things you like, so go out there and join a social group that interests you. Make yourself available to meet other people and let other people get to know who you are.
If this still doesn’t help in alleviating your loneliness, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk to a trusted friend or family member about i…

If a girl is unsure what to do with her life

By Sarah Kristine via UN Volunteers

When we are born, nobody can tell us why. We just find our self here and we have to work with what we have. I consider this to be a blessing. You have been given a life and there are opportunities around you to shape who you want to be. This is not as easy as it sounds though.

Life is a work in progress and each day we live we have to be doing the thing that we love. It is hard to do what you love if you are unsure what you want in life anyway. So if you are unsure what to do in your life, first think about your past. What is the most common activity you have been doing since you were young? Is it writing, drawing, researching, collecting stuff or travelling?

By reflecting on an activity you have been doing repeatedly in your life, you will understand the best path you must take when it comes to career, hobbies or purpose in life. Figure out what you are really passionate about and begin to develop this.
Do not be afraid to dream. Picture what you want …

If a girl is unhappy (Short Film)

By Ms. Nang Shwe Yin / Hom Zurn

We all deal with different forms of stress in our life. How we react to this stress will determine the quality of life we lead. The video an unhappy girl finds happiness focuses on establishing that you are all you need to be happy. Watch it to learn some useful tips.

Adopt the 15 Rules to Live By For Optimal Health

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