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If a girl is experiencing puberty

Video done by Sasha via St. George International School, Cologne

Written by Mary Mwema,

As the girl turns 10, all over the world, her life is surely about to change.

Depending on where she lives, she will be treated differently but mostly, all girls will pass through the same thing. One thing is sure, life is life, whether you are born in the suburb of New York or in the jungle of Nepal, the needs are the same, expectations are also the same.

Girls, wherever you are, someone somewhere on this planet is going through what you are going through. The difference is how aware are you of yourself, your environment, your right, your duties, your future and the opportunities around you.

For sure by the time you are 11, 12 you know very little about what awaits you. In these articles we are going to talk about what happens during puberty.

I am 10, 12, hurray! Happy birthday, What a wonderful day, the small girl is now almost a teenager.

Little did she know that major changes are about to happe…

If a girl is having emotional problems

By Nour Azhari  via  UN Volunteers

As you know we all have emotions. We can feel anger towards someone or some event that hurt us, happiness because of something good that happened, we sometimes feel  disgusted, disappointed,  stressed by something or even attracted by someone. Every day we experience so many of those emotions.

Since emotions are something that everyone experiences, how do you know if you  have an emotional problem? I will give you some tips
First of all it is important to understand that every choice a human makes is partly influenced by his emotions but the problem arises when your emotions completely take over your life and you are not anymore fully in control of your actions .
The first step in feeling better is to acknowledge that you have a problem.  Some signs of emotional instability include: mood shifts , feeling anxious suddenly for no rational reason. Also, if your emotions are so strong that they lead you to harm others around you or even yourself this could b…

If a girl wants to go backpacking

By Bruna Fairas via UN Volunteers

To go backpacking as a female can be daunting, but it should not be! Travelling on your own can be an amazing experience. After all, you are your own boss, and the only person you need to worry about is yourself. In order to help keep you calmand encourage you, I going to give some tips and answers to some possible questions you may have before deciding to go on the road!
The advantages to go backpacking are a way worth! You will feel more self-confident, independent, and self-reliant. You will learn to challenge yourself and have a go at things, where before you would have been scared of failing and not even tried. You will increase your self-esteem, through knowing what you will have achieved - which should give every girl a sense of pride!
So, first of all, don’t be nervous.  Plan properly and stay informed. There are millions of women who have backpacked around the world, who have done it safely, successfully and had fun.
The secret is to plan effecti…

If A Girl doesn't feel beautiful - Anna's Story

By Valery Nemykina via UN Volunteers

Anna is a woman from Ukraine who has been living with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that left her with 14 scars and with one leg shorter than the other. In this video, our UN Volunteer Valery asked her about her perception of beauty, this is what she had to say. 

" Beauty is not only our physical condition, but also our emotional and mental state, and charm. Our beauty shows when we communicate. All our feelings are in our minds and hearts, so the inner beauty is what counts.
There are stereotyped canons of beauty which are standard in todays world but this does not mean only those who fit the stereotype are pretty. These are all just common standards. Being different is much more important and interesting than complying to common notions. There are more important things, such as health for example. People can be beautiful despite their physical condition.
Be aware of who you are and avoid envy, anger or resentment toward what you look li…