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If a girl has lost someone she loves

By Amanda Arambulo via UN Volunteers

The darkest part of life is losing someone you love. I want to let you know that you shall get through this. This does not mean that you will be able to bring back your loved one or even forget the pain that came with losing them. 
It means that while they are still gone, you will grow from the experience, yes how painful it is, but it will make you see the world a lot differently. It is not something we ask for but as long as we are mortal, we will keep losing and losing but that should not mean that all is lost.
When you have lost a loved one, allow yourself to grieve, in your own way and for as long as you like. No one can ever truly understand the pain in your soul but allow others to support you in such a dark time.
It is okay to feel cheated especially if you lost your loved one at an unexpected time or departed on bad terms but never carry guilt over someone who has passed on. Instead, focus on the strong points of the relationship you had with …

If a girl is liked by an authority figure

By Alinne Lopes via UN Volunteers

We all like it when the person we like has a crush on us, when someone does special favors for us or goes out of their way just to be with us. It is very exciting to love and be loved or to be really liked by someone else.
This feeling changes when the person who likes us is an authority figure; by authority figure I refer to someone who should not be interested in having a physical relationship with you, usually much older, such as a school professor, your physician, your parents friend, your friends parent or similar. This is different from being a favorite student or a young friend and by being liked, I mean the authority figure wants to pursue a romantic relationship with you.
It doesn’t matter whether you are of legal age or not but such an admiration from the adult can cause a lot of conflict. If you are under 18, no matter if the adult is good to you or if you kind of like them or hate them, do not pursue such a relationship, not even in secret. …

If a girl has no confidence

By Machelle Johnson via UN Volunteers

You have every reason to be confident. Do you always go out looking downtrodden, ashamed to let yourself be heard or afraid of rejection? Lack of confidence can cause all this. Being confident does not mean you won’t face rejection or some sort of trouble, being confident means no matter what happens you are still proud to be you and no one can easily make you feel worthless.

If you have a low self esteem or no confidence at all, you have to discover for yourself the reason why. Is it because other people intimidate you, do you consider that other people have it going better for them or that you are not worth it? In all honest truth, every single person goes through some sort of trouble but we mostly never see it because they never let it take over their life.
Having confidence has the potential to make your day a lot better so consider this. Before you leave your room, make sure you are looking your best and by your best, I mean that you are dressed…

If a girl wants a role model

By Diana Brandl via UN Volunteers

Every person needs a mentor, someone to look up to and see as a role model.  A role model is a strong, trustworthy guide who possesses the quality or character that you seek in life.
When looking for a role model, ask yourself these questions. Is your role model happy with their life? Are they helpful to others? Is the life they are living something similar to the one you want to live?
Remember, role models are only human so they cannot be perfect, but make sure they hold a strong quality of what you believe in. Having a role model can give you a clear picture of the things you want out of life and will help you make better decisions for yourself.

What if you don’t have a role model? It is easy to find a role model if you really want to. Look to the people around you, your parents, siblings, teachers, the lady at the library, social workers and so on.
Many girls look to media for role models, that is okay too but always remember that you don’t really know…

If a girl has a depressed friend

By Manan Modi via UN Volunteers

Is your friend depressed? Is your loved one's depression weighing you down? Are you thinking of breaking off a friendship because you cannot handle the negativity that comes with depression? And if one of your friends is depressed, are you capable of helping them? 

The thing with depression is that you cannot always tell by looking, so just because someone is smiling, does not mean that they are actually happy. 

As a friend, ask your friends from time to time if they are happy. If something was troubling them in the past, they may pretend that they have gotten over it but you must always check that they are actually okay and the best way to know is by asking, never assume.
Being a friend to someone who is depressed can be very difficult and they may actually hurt your feelings because of the state they are in. If you have a depressed friend, understand them and be there to listen to them, don’t think they are just looking for attention because most tim…