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If a girl lives alone

By Myrto, SAFIGI Volunteer

Living alone can be a great experience and rewarding on so many levels. However, if you live alone, there are some steps you need to take to make sure that your environment is safe for you. The best step to take is to remove your home address from your online profile, website or even your CV. No one needs to know where you stay unless they are an active part of your life.
Another thing is to make sure that you live in a safe neighborhood where crime rate is low. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to install an alarm system, a surveillance camera outside your home and secure the doors and windows. Always lock your doors and windows if you are going out and build a healthy relationship with your neighbors if possible so that they can help you if you have some trouble.
Do not bring strangers into your phone by any means and if someone comes to your door asking to use your phone, do not let them in, instead direct them to a public payphone nearby or lend them your ce…

If a girl feels worthless

By Claudia via UN Volunteers

What really is the price of human life? I tell you that human life is precious. Your life is worth more than precious jewels or all the gold in the world. Do you know why? Because before you were born, you did not sign a contract to be made human. You were the only fertilized of a million others to be the human that you are.  You cannot even control your heart beat or the breath that fills your lungs this very minute.
You are the only person with your fingerprint and DNA in a world that has 7 Billion people and your life is supported by a huge ball of fire just far away and near enough for you to survive. In short you are a miracle! Everything on the earth is built to support your life.
Even after all this, it is still possible to feel worthless, unloved, a misfit and unwanted. The universe is working to support your life but it’s like the people around you do not care for you as much as the nature that is here to support your living.
In a world full of 7 Bil…

If a girl wants to be promoted at work

By Manan via UN Volunteers

Choosing and advancing a career of your choice is a right you should exercise. Once you get a job, you should have equal opportunity to be recognized and even be promoted.
If you are working towards being recognized or promoted at work, keep this in mind; know when you want to be promoted – set a goal towards that but make sure that your goal is realistic and that you have a good plan set to get this promotion.
To be promoted at your work, you have to be at least good at it so make sure you improve your craft and do your best at what you do. Doing other people’s work for them will not get you promoted so avoid it because it distracts you from doing your own work properly.
Once you are good at your work, talk to your boss or supervisor about your intention to be promoted, without putting any pressure on them. Tell them your goals, how you are working toward your goal and what you expect your promotion to be and when. Be sure to mention how much of a salary increa…

If a girl self harms

By Bogdan via UN Volunteers

Self harm is an issue that many teens deal with and most do it in secret. If you are a girl who self harms, this video is for you. I know, many people do not understand what self harm is or why anyone would do it. The answer is never simple.
Self harm is deliberate injury or poisoning your body but usually without the intention of suicide. Substance abuse and eating disorders are also a form of self harm. A person who is self harming usually knows what they are doing and the reason they are doing it.
The most common reasons for self harming is to cope with underlying issues such as stress, trauma, depression, emotional or sexual abuse and personality disorders among others. Self harm is used as an expression of the feelings inside, it is a channel to let out those emotions even if the method is harmful in itself. Consequences of self harm can be life threatening infections, mental disorders and addiction to name a few.
If you self harm, firstly do not judge yo…

If a girl is walking home alone

By Kamesha via UN Volunteers

Walking alone can be refreshing, reflective and most times, necessary. Depending on where you live, walking alone is not a problem but it is always important to exercise caution especially if you are walking in lonely places, dangerous areas or at night.
By all means, avoid walking alone if it is not safe. Walking in a pair is helpful but walking in groups is much more effective. This also applies to taking taxi’s or public transport especially at night.
What you want to do when walking alone is to always be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you. It is very difficult to be aware of your surrounding if you are listening to music, playing games on your phone or texting. Doing this takes your attention away and may make you miss important signs.
Make sure your phone is recharged and you have a close friend on speedial especially if you are walking at night. Talking on the phone with your friend or loved one, updating them on where you are can…