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Religion is peace, not war

By Vyshakh via UN Online Volunteer

There is a playground near to my house where all the kids in the neighborhood come to play in the afternoon. I often go and sit there watching them play and because of that they knew me pretty well. Once when I went there, I noticed that many of the kids were not there. But they were still playing with the ones present. I knew that they always got into a fight to select the team. So I asked them how they had chosen the team today and one little kid replied “Today, it is Hindu’s vs. Muslim’s”.I was shocked and dumbstruck. I felt a huge sense of shame inside me. If the minds of even these little children were sprayed with the idea of religion and the huge internal conflict surrounding them, how can we find fault with all the grown-ups promoting their religion as the best among all. I wondered about the present situation of our society. Every parent is so busy promoting their own religion and how it is better than the rest to their children that they for…

How I Overcame Body Shaming

By Olivia Dufour via UN Volunteers

My story starts all too similarly to the stories of young girls around the world: gossip, bullying, and body shaming throughout middle school. I had always loved who I was, until the end of elementary school, when my peers tried to manipulate the way that I viewed myself.
This girl-against-girl bullying began to impact my pride and sense of self. My friends had slim, straight figures, while mine often became the topic of conversation. I was deemed too curvy by some standards, too muscular and athletic for others, never able to be good enough.
What appeared on the surface as a critique of my shape, would later be understood to be an expression of my bullies’ insecurity and envy.
As the months went on, the bullying transformed into organized meetings, where I was being talked about in girl’s restrooms, at birthday parties, and at recess. Friends sent me pictures of conversations about me on instant messaging and online chat rooms.
School was my pas…

We develop by embracing various cultures

By Tram via UN Volunteers

I am Tram from Vietnam. I got a chance to study Bachelor Degree Business Administration in Finland, the best coutry in education. I have lived here around three years and a half so there have been many many great experience, challenges that I did not get when living in Vietnam. I would like to share my story about language and culture barrier. 
When we grow up in our country, we are affected by behaviors, thoughts, lifestyle from our surroundings. More growing up, we are eager to learn from other countries, how their life is, what makes them different from us… 
As a Vietnamese student studying in Finland, I found it was quite difficult to adapt to a new life from the beginning, my head was empty when I came to Finland. At school, I attended a course introducing about Finnish customs and culture. 
To me, the course was not enough. I needed more real experience and read more culture books. I wondered why Finnish females apply a lot of make up, why Finnish males ar…

You can overcome depression

By Fauwzia via UN Volunteers

“I can't tell anyone because I am so scared and because I just can't bring myself to explain how I feel..sometimes I feel so empty, so empty that I cant feel anything I cant even cry, it is one of the saddest feelings in the world and it hurts so much because you don't know what is wrong,you are just a huge huge mess and no ones seems to understand and no one sees”.
You smile everyday but you smile because you are trying to keep hope that maybe just maybe it would all just go away one day.And when you are with people you are the one that makes them smile and laugh,you keep hoping that maybe the laughs and smiles would be contagious.
I experienced my first episode of depression at 18, I was a first year medical student and  on one particular Wednesday everything just came crashing my school,my personal life,my faith and family. 
I was so confused and I was hopeless I didn't feel like doing anything,I had never experienced anything like that befo…