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Anastasia from Romania: Everyday A Girl #EDAG

By Moraru Anastasia 

This is the story of Moraru Anastasia for #EverydayAGirl, as shared via UN Online Volunteers.

Being a girl can be harder than it seems, as from time to time, doors may be suddenly closed in front of you. You are expected to do the impossible and when you try to prove you can, you are told it's still not good enough. You can hardly oppose to what you've been conditioned to do. Can you use force? Is there any point in talking to walls?

I've never been the girl waiting for them to fall. I'm Anastasia and I break them down myself. 

I believe that the access to education is the only way to break walls down and to earn yourself a voice. Thus I make time for reading. My backpack is always full of books to share and recommend to everybody.

Even so, no matter how much we desire to be educated, school isn't always the place to speak your mind or, in any case, be yourself. Rare are the occasions when girls are allowed to wear what they want, when they aren…

Zhao from China: Everyday A Girl #EDAG

By Yuhan Zou Amanda

This is the story of Zhao Danni for #EverydayAGirl, as shared by Yuhan Zou Amanda via UN Online Volunteers.

Zhao Danni is a 22-year-old Chinese girl. She study at Liverpool University and came back to hometown Chongqing to spend her summer vacation.

She found an internship in a business company which is located in the center of Chongqing. 

To avoid being late, she have to get up at 6:30am to catch the subway. After that, she will sit down on the same chair in the office room for more than 7 hours.

 After work, she will spend 30 minutes during the rush hours in the subway. 

Sometimes, if the tasks are really tough she has to take them back home to finish. While the others are eating hotpot, she is still listening to the online meeting.