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Swaraangi from India: Everyday A Girl #EDAG

By Aarushee Shukla

This is the story of Swaraangi Shukla for #EverydayAGirl, as shared by Aarushee Shukla via UN Online Volunteers.

Swaraangi is a 22 year old Law graduate. She is currently preparing for the Judicial Services (State level examination) for appointment to the post of Civil Judge Junior Division. She is true to her name which means the essence of melody. She is an early riser and tries to recapitulate her previous day’s lessons before going to her coaching classes. She is a firm believer in hardwork and has been performing brilliantly throughout. Moreover, she is of a view that education is the ultimate weapon to conquer all the social evils which are rotting our world these days.
Swaraangi aspires to be the Judge of Supreme court which is the apex court of India. She wants to bring substantial changes in the legal system of India so that the ideologies championed by the fore fathers of our constitution can be truly attained.

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Mutinta from Zambia: Everyday A Girl #EDAG

By Mutinta Muchanga

This is the story of Mutinta Muchanga for #EverydayAGirl, as shared via UN Online Volunteers.

Mutinta is 29 years old. She is prone to weight gain and keeps  fit  by taking a morning walk as part of her exercise routine. She does this at 5 am every week day.

She is a student studying to be a Doctor of Dental Surgery at The Copperbelt University (CBU) Medical School in Ndola, Zambia. She is in her final year and attends to patients during clinical rotations.

She has a lunch break from 1pm to 2pm. She uses this time to work on school assignments. She also checks her emails and makes progress on  her online volunteering tasks.

After school, she gets back home to do her laundry, maintaining green habits by allowing her clothes to dry in natural sunlight.