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Mary from Nigeria: Everyday A Girl

By Adedamola Odofin

This is the story of Mary Sunday for #EverydayAGirl, as shared by Adedamola Odofin via UN Online Volunteers.

Mary is a 17 year old girl and the first born and only female of her family. She has three younger male siblings.

Mary lives with her parents in a rural environment in Nigeria called Gwarinpa.

Everyday, Mary wakes up 5:30am to help her mother cook and by 6:15am she starts the long trek to a community school where she schools in.

When Mary gets back from school, she helps out around the house by cleaning or washing the clothes of her younger ones.

Sometimes when free from playing with his peers, her younger brother Obiefuna, assists her in some of the chores.

Mary is a bright and intelligent strong girl and her future desire is to become a successful model and make enough money to take care of her family and to also prove those who shun such profession (modeling) wrong and shameful in her community.


Kiia from Finland: Everyday A girl

By Kiia Strömmer

This is the story of Kiia Strömmer for #EverydayAGirl, as shared via UN Online Volunteers.

This is Kiia, a 21-year old university student from Finland, and this is what her day is like as #Everydayagirl.

First thing in the morning, she goes out to run to give a day good start. She thinks about what are her keys to be happy during her day:

Feel comfortable with yourself in your own skin and clothes.

Have a good job that challenges you to be better and making progress.

Develop and educate yourself.

Do sports you like and keeping yourself healthy.