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The Shame of Being Fair

By Maliha Mohiudun via UN Online Volunteers

“She did it again! How does she get up there?”my uncle’s wife looked perplexed yet slightly amused as I walked by, towel thrown over my shoulder, and made my way to the grand hall sofa. My father looked stern as he took in my color of my skin. What two days ago had been a warm cream, was now a dark mocha from the intense Indian sun. In an effort to keep me from the rooftop my uncle had placed layers of furniture along the last staircase landing, but I was adept at climbing and grasping the high railing I managed my way around the matrix of chairs and tables.
It was always a tense and irrational conversation that followed these excursions to the rooftop. “Who is going to see your skin? Why are you stubborn and set to bring shame to us? What if someone saw you?”“I do it for myself, I think I look prettier when I’m tan. Everyone in America is tan. Besides, I blend in here now.”I replied, avoiding his intense and disapproving gaze. It always bog…