HOW WOMEN DRESS: drawing the line between trashy & edgy


Ok, so you like to look edgy. Got an edgy hairstyle with stripes of pink and green in it. Wow, you even got your nose pierced. Your dress sense screams rock star, no wonder you get all those stares.

Your look is cool but is that look only cut out for actual celebrities? Where do we draw the line between Edgy and Trashy so that we do not end up attracting the wrong crowds like beens happening lately?

Fear not, I have been there before and sometimes it so irritatingly happens regularly that I end up asking myself 'Do I look like a Prostitute?'

Remember these tips next time you go out;
  • You have the right to dress in whatever way that you deem appropriate but remember in a world where people live by sight, people will judge you by how you dress. Of course we know better but let us remember too that others have their own views too.
  • Keep your dressing smart or classy and avoid skimpy outfits. Yes there is a difference, between sexy diva and just a sexy girl. In a world where the media more or less sells off women as sex symbols, the mind of men have possibly been corrupted to see reality of women as just that. Of course we are more than that and the time has come to let them know.
  • Avoid showing more skin than necessary. Doing that would only send wrong signals. Scientific studies have shown that mens congintive processes become impaired when they see a woman in a Bikini. In short, they just dont think Straight if you reveal too much skin. That does not, however give them a right to treat us in any way just because of the way we are dressed. Let us simply stay safe.
  • Limit the amount of jewelery on you. Wear just enough jewelery for your outfit. Even Men have become "Goldiggers" these days and showing too much bling or accesorising too much could easily make you a target to liers, scammers and even thieves.
  • Keep your make up light unless for special occasion. Too much makeup can create a wrong impression in so many cases. Afterall you want someone to get to know the real you. Yes, You are beautiful
  • Talk sense. After first impresions how you talk will tell volumes about you and in what category someone will place you. Speak freely and do not try to exagerate or change your speech for someones sake as this may lead you to being viewed in a way you are not. It helps to speak intelligent. Be yourself.
  • Walk with the Right Crowd. Avoid being alone at all times as this makes you an easy prey. Always hang out in places that are not questionable. The place you hang out could lead people to judge you accordingly even when its not the case. If you hang out at the shopping mall, people will view you as a frequent shopper and treat you as that. Always in the club, people will treat you as a club girl, always in the church, people will treat as a church girl. Get the point? Sometimes no matter where you are, people will treat you how they want.
  • Therefore while you can control how people view you and treat you, sometimes, you just can't.
  • In any case, also always know YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS!

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