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The world is fast changing with so much transitions going on everywhere that at one point you may stop and wonder; Wait, I think I am lost or Why? Times are changing too fast.

With new trends coming and going it is very important to know your Human Rights in order to know your stand in this fast changing world and not give anyone a chance to violate them. Your human rights also allow you to;

  • You become more Confident in your everyday activities. If you do not know your human rights, you are prone to become a victim without even knowing it. Confidence comes with knowledge.
  • You become a Role Model. Learning your human rights and activating them in your lifestyle sets you apart. You may never notice it but people notice your behavior and sometimes copy from it. You don't have to be a superstar to become a role model.
  • You make a Difference. By simply deciding to learn about your Human Rights, you make a difference in the World! How? You may ask. Because you have learnt your human rights and because I have learnt my Human Rights there are less people in the world who do not know their Human Rights.
  • You Stand Out from the crowd. Knowledge is indeed power. By knowing your human rights, you can volunteer and share informed ideas on how to make the world a better place hence simply by knowing, you can become a Leader.
  • When you are a Leader in Human Rights, you get the Power to change the world which makes you a role model of change.

Aren't those amazing aspects of simply learning your Human Rights? I also did not know this knowledge until someone told me about it. Why don't you go and educate someone about their Human Rights today and make a difference.

Are you or Do you know anyone who needs help because there Human Rights have been refused of them? Share your story with us today and make a change.

This is an I AM SAFE Project under Safety First For Girls.
Tell us your story and we will tell you ours.
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