It starts with a friend request from this SUPER CUTE PERSON, you have no idea who s/he is but he is definately a friend of a friend or someone from the blues or someone we've seen before but perhaps was too shy to talk to us in person.. 

Ok, maybe he's not so cute but the conversations you have is as though you've known each other for ages! 'Are you single,' he or she says. 'Hell yeah,' you reply. And a few seconds later, your status changes from single to in a relationship or even engaged and married yeah some of us have got to that point.


If you're dating someone on facebook, someone you could have maybe just skyped from halfway across the world does that put you in a relationship? Would you be cheating if you dated someone who you actually saw?

what is a relationship? There are many definitions and some of which are? 
  • a connection, association, or involvement.
  • connection between persons by blood or marriage.
  • an emotional or other connection between people: the relationship between teachers and students.
  • a sexual involvement; affair.

Therefore from the first definition, the basis of your relationship is Facebook and without Facebook you will probably never ever even be in that relationship. Well, without Facebook we'll shift to messenger. Oh yeah, and without internet your relationship dies.

My advice is go out there in real life and create a real relationship and if you have found a relationship on Facebook, grow it beyond the Facebook foundation in order for it to be valid and do the things that people in a real relationship do. Also do exercise safety on Facebook as not everyone out there is as good as you are.


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