Do you live alone, that could either be scary, fun, sense of freedom that comes with the independence or the like but follow the following tips to ensure you are safe at the maximum in order to prevent or avoid crime that cares less about its victims;
  •  Always lock the doors and windows when leaving the house.
  •  Keep an emergency security tool*
  • Only bring people you trust over for visit and do not allow strangers into your home before you are confident of their reason to be there.
  • Keep a pet if possible.
  • Have an alarm system.
  • Do not keep highly valuable items or a large amount of money in the house,
  • If you keep valuable items like money or expensive jewelery in the house, do not leave them in obvious place; for example in the wardrobe or under the mattress, thieves know where to look.
  • Keep emergency numbers at hand.
  • Turn on your outside lights and inside too when it gets dark.
  • Live in a safe secure area.
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