It is important that you put your safety and that of your loved ones as a priority in order that you prevent crimes from taking place in your home and society. Some tips are as follows;
  • Do not leave the house keys in obvious places like under the mat or in the flower pot when leaving the house. Thieves and criminals know where to search.
  • Always check the peephole before opening the door for someone or talk so as to recognize the person’s voice.
  • Always tell the ones you live with where you are going and at what time you intend to return.
  • Keep dangerous items like knives, guns, poisons and other harmful substances well out of reach.
  • Be responsible for each other and always double check that something has been done, for example, always check that the other has actually locked the doors or turned off the stove et cetera.
  • Keep emergency numbers at hand all the time.
  • Train yourselves in rendering first aid.
  • Train yourselves in defense tactics in case of attack. *

Watch this YouTube video with further instructions on how to be safe;

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