Public places like school, work, religious place, at the park or tourist sites are places we normally expect to be safe, who would want to harm us in such a controlled environment with many people around to witness, however we should not leave that to chance. Important tips on safety in a public place;

  • Always keep your items like suitcase and handbag at hand where you can see them and do not leave them unattended. 

  •   Always notify someone else when you are leaving and when you think you will return. 

  • If possible, stick with your friends.

  •   Always take a picture if you suspect something wrong. 

  •  Avoid going to the parking lot alone at night or if it is a dark environment.

  • Avoid showing expensive items or flashing money.

  • Be fully aware of your surroundings and avoid playing games or music on your phone as this can reduce your alertness.

  • Always have enough credit and battery power in your phone incase of an emergency.


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