We are excited to introduce our latest project to you and we hope you are excited too!

Safety First for Girls presents the I AM SAFE Project. With this Project we shall raise awareness on Safety Issues affecting the Girl child in order to prevent crime especially trafficking. Our Plan of Action will be to;

  • Raise awareness by reaching out to as many girls as possible online and offline to educate them on safety issues affecting the girl in modern society.
  • Teaching girls the basic Self-defense techniques in order to increase the confidence of girls and give them the basic skill to run away from danger.
  • Help girls who have suffered abuse and bring shame to the criminals by defaming them and handing them over to the law.
  • Fighting and Preventing crime in this modern world especially trafficking, the modern day slavery.
  • Working with other organisations to make the world a safer place for girls.
Be a part of this project and let us make the world a better place. 

Do you want to work with us and being a part of this project? Send us a letter of Interest at safetyfirstforgirls@aol.com

Do you want us to educate girls at your institution or organisation and teach them basic self defence skills? Do you want to partner with us? Send us a letter of Interest at safetyfirstforgirls@aol.com

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