Soo, you are a Party Rocker? Party Shy? Concert goer? Hmm I love concerts. Party maker / breaker? haha, anyway events are usually nice to attend and we must ensure that we enjoy them from start till the end. Are you having a Night out Fun with friends or something like it? Hmm Sounds interesting but be sure you put your safety first belt on as you go enjoy.  

To make sure you are safe at a social gathering:      

  • Prepare in advance, for instance you can check who will be at the gathering and depending on the gathering  if liquor will be served, what time the it will be and how long the gathering will go on.
  • Know if their will be security and if it is a small social gathering probably not, so be sure what the main purpose of the gathering will be.
  • Know who is the patron of the social gathering, what is their personality and are they able to maintain control?
  • Is the event within good travelling distance to where you live? If not, are you certain of your transportation and driver?
  • Be cautious of what you eat at the gathering in order not to be drugged or suffer food poisoning.. Yiiikkkes, sounds bad but it does happen.
  • If their is alcohol involved at the meeting please just have enough to remain sober because it is almost impossible to control your situation in a drunken state as you may also end up doing something you did not want.
  • Whatever function you are going to, be fully aware of what will happen and think about other possible mishaps that could take place. Be ready for anything.
  • Avoid drugs before, during or after the gathering. Drugs are not good for your health anyway. I mean the   bad drugs not the doctors prescription.
  • Avoid places that are secluded and likely possible places to indulge in unwanted sexual behaviour.
  • Do not be afraid to Say NO!  if you find yourself in an inappropriate or uncomfortable situation.
  • Follow your gut and trust your instincts.
  • Relax and enjoy your party.

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