In our day to day activity we say many hellos' and goodbyes'. But there is always that eeerie feeling i get when it comes to meeting a person i have not known for the first time simply by the fact that i do not know what to expect, don't you get that feeling too? Ohh well, lets explore how we can ascertain our safety when meeting someone for the very first time;

  •    Always take someone with you, openly or secretly, have someone on standby.
  •    Tell someone you trust exactly where you are going and who you will be meeting.
  •   Have an already thought of backup escape plan just incase things go wary.
  •   Always choose to meet in an open public place which is easy to find and be sure you are  accustomed to the place you choose like how to get there and how to leave.
  •   Dress modestly in clothes and shoes that are comfortable. This may come of help incase a situation turns bizzare.*
  •   Schedule your meeting to be during the day time.
  •   Do not give your home address upon first meeting unless you are really sure.
  •   Trust your instincts. Do not meet the person if you feel uncomfortable doing so.

    Follow some more tips on how to be safe ;

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