"Pornography: Beware of it! There is much talk about addiction which have destructive results: physical, psychological, spiritual and social. Beware of it! I believe you love yourselves."
                                                    sfg fan

There is much talk about pornography and how it destroys lives and when one of our Facebook Fans posted the above message I saw it was time to talk about this addiction that secretly plagues  so many especially that it is almost free in these modern times of fast changing technology.

Let's first find out the reasons why people watch porn:

  • It is free. Yes, most of it is just a click away on the internet. Free is good right? hmmm food for thought.
  • When they want to release their sexual tension through masturbation. Most Porn is usually abandoned after masturbation.
  • It helps satisfy a humans physiological need for sex. It is wrong to enter a relationship just in order to have sex so people watch porn as an alternative. But Porn is not a good solution either, its best to abstain until you find yourself in a good relationship.
  • It feels really good in the moment, though many report feelings of regret or disgust shortly afterward.
  • Besides it being free, it is everywhere. Modern media also helps in promoting porn in a way.

So why Porn is almost everywhere especially that it causes addiction and moral decay? Why do people keep creating pornographic content? This could be because; 

  • People who post pornography feel their self esteem boosted when they post their porn videos on the internet. I can imagine this is different for those who become celebrities.
  • It satisfies their sexual desires, ever heard of a nymphomaniac
  • It is a business. Not so good but pornography is how some people illegally make money out of your desires. This is a bad business because they do promote violence, unnatural sexual behavior, inhumane treatment of their stars and some even use children. The worst crime of all time.
  • It is a way of getting fame, in that field of course.
  • They create porn because they can. Man is indeed a crafty creature.

Here are some reasons why porn is not good;
  • By watching you are supporting an illegal industry that is enslaving people and abusing children. It is a deeply rooted evil scheme. Even if you watch 'good' porn or porn you deem acceptable, the filthy industry is hiding behind the so-called good!
  • It is addictive. Addiction is a negative term all together.
  • It encourages moral decay. Morality has been discarded and purity in life is slowly being lost.
  • It breaks relationships.
  • Some research say it could be a disorder.

If you are fighting Porn, there are many people to back you up. The journey may not be easy and you will relapse sometimes but keep up the good fight. 

Follow these tips on how to Stop Watching Porn! 


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