"  On April 14, 2013, we want the whole world to stop and learn about the horrors of child sexual abuse. It drives prostitution, CSEC, modern day slavery and many, many more self destructive behaviors. "
           - Tom Scales (Co-founder The Innocence Revolution) -

April 14, 2013 should be marked on your calendar next year because it is the day when the whole world will be educated on the evils of child sexual abuse and how to prevent it through different activities such as;

  • Interactive displays
  • Walks
  • Concerts
  • 5 K Walks
  • Art exhibits etc

The Innocence Revolution co-founded by Jill Starishevsky and Tom Scales of Voice Today along with Partners like Stop The Silence among others and You as well.

Yes, you can be part of this revolution. Involve your school, Organisation and everyone that you know so that on 14th April 2013 the whole world will stand up to End Child Sexual Abuse!

To be part of this Revolution, You can;

We at Safety First for Girls will be part of it, Will You?

Take the stand today.

Read more here; Global Event Launches the Innocence Revolution


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