Does Keeping a Gun in the Home increase Safety?

How far can you go to ensure your family is safe? Could keeping a gun in the house increase security levels in addition to burglar alarms, secure locks, burglar bars and good lighting among others.

If you consider keeping a gun in the house, it is best to review the facts in order to make the right decision.


  • It is used to increase security especially for seniors in the society and those at risk of being attacked
  • Hidden well but kept within good reach
  • When purchased legally
  • Everyone you are living with is comfortable with having a gun in the house
  • Gives you a defense tool to use if attacked


If you do not feel so secure keeping a gun, there are other alternatives; You can also opt for;

  • Wacth dogs
  • A home security system
  • Install a panic button
  • Install motion sensor light outside your home
  • Always apply safety rules

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  1. Yes, of course it is safe to keep a handgun at home, if you are authorized person and should have a valid license of handgun. Please stay away this handgun from the children if you have because it is dangerous for them.

    personal protection training

    1. Yes Caleb, it is depends on who is keeping the gun and how it is being kept. People who are not mentally stable or criminals in general should not be allowed to keep guns but gun control laws need to be regulated further in order that only the right people have access to guns.

      well said.

  2. Revolvers are not as training intensive as a semi-automatic pistol, but they are generally more reliable and there is more choice of ammunition available for them.
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  3. Everything in this world has some pros and cons. Keeping gun may boost your confidence that's for sure but safety cannot be ensured only through guns. Just having a gun is not sufficient but we also needs to be trained well to use them so simply join any Firearms safety training classes and get that confidence in you to use that killer when required.

  4. Answer is yes but;
    Most importantly you need proper firearms training and be practiced - you need to be able to hit your mark. Gun control truly is about hitting you mark an nothing else but that mark.
    Train, be very comfortable with your weapon.

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  6. Well I agreed by all your security tips. Besides all these tips, you can also hire a security personnel for keep the premises safe. They are also helpful to keep home safe. visit website

  7. Some people need guns to protect themselves, their property, and especially their families. Yet, the last thing we need is a faulty gun safe.


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