Jimmy Saville ( 31. 10. 1926 - 29. 10. 2011) though late has been making  Headlines not as positive as  when he was alive and making hits for the BBC, having impressive charity fundraising for the The Jimmy Saville Charitable Trust as well as Hospital Trust among others.

Recently, Sexual Abuse Claims against Saville are slowly eroding all the good charitable deeds he portrayed to the public , bringing doubts to whether the BBC helped in covering his pedophile cases as well as putting his Charity foundations and other Partners at a risk of falling out because of the covering up of abuse.

What lesson should we learn from Jimmy Saville fiasco?

  • Sexual abuse or abuse of any kind should not be hidden, ignored or go unreported.
  • All suspicious behavior should be scrutinized and not ignored.
  • Trust should not be bought but earned. This simply means that just because someone gives you things, does not mean they can be trusted. You are encouraged to know the the signs when to trust someone.
  • Sex Offenders do not come with a tag. Be cautious and do not ignore the signs that someone is a sexual predator. Anyone can be a criminal, regardless of male, female, famous or not, apply the same caution to everyone.
  • Children should be educated on how to stand up for themselves and say no in order to reduce sexual abuse.

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