Reporting A Crime

The greatest concern we have when reporting a case is 'will anything be done about it?' Are we just wasting our time or simply causing ourselves to lose face.. or worse putting ourselves in danger when we report a criminal?

You may not want to report a crime for many reasons but remember that by reporting your crime, no matter how small or embarrassing you are helping to fight crime and reduce the risk of it happening again.

When you report a crime make sure;

  • Report the crime to the police soon after it happened and follow it up until evidence that something is being done about it.
  • When asked for details do not be afraid to tell everything as it happened, leaving out no detail.
  • Have someone you trust to support you as you proceed with your case.
  • Ask for Victim Support in your area. Victim support gives help to victims or witnesses of crime. This can be found mostly from the Police.
  • Do not give in to threat to drop the case, seek protection and take extra safety precautions until the criminal is arrested.
  • Ask for privacy in your case, if you are afraid of losing face or do not want many people to know about the crime you were involved in.
  • Seek outside help. There are non profit organisations everywhere willing to lend a hand in making sure you are justified for the crime commited to you. Do not be afraid to tell your story and ask for privacy if you feel you want your identity hidden.
  • Know how to write a Crime Scene Report so that your story is understood well and in full.
  • Be brave and courageous. By taking a stand against your crime, you are fighting crime everywhere.

Is there more you know about reporting a crime? Please inform us by commenting.

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