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We all have our needs, wants desires. There's so much to life a woman can achieve, so much we still have to fight for and so much we can be. With all the praises and criticism life has to offer, all things will be of no value unless we are alive. Life is important in order for all these factors to affect us.

It is for this reason and many more that the RIGHT TO LIFE is the most important right a woman should possess, protect and implement.

The life of a woman is important because she is the door to the next generations hence no woman's life should be taken for granted because in each woman there is a potential of many generations and a hope for the human race survival.

Our shortcomings should not be considered as a weakness but rather as a step to correct us. Do not downgrade a woman because of her way of life because you may just be downgrading the future of earth.

Every woman has value and Each woman has her story to tell!


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