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Education is a process of receiving or giving out instruction, this may be done in a school, household or institution. Education is also the theory and practice of teaching. Education is key to everyone's survival in this world because it makes our lives comfortable, fulfilled and happy.


In order for the girl child to be somebody recognized in society they have to be educated. The girl child will need to read widely, keep up to date with news and current affairs and issues taking place in the world and know the issues that affect people's lives. Without education one finds it difficult to follow instructions on medical prescriptions, bus timetables, shopping, reading recipes, the list is endless.

The saying "To educate a woman is to educate the nation" is very true. Women are the ones who give birth to children, they bring up the children and teach them so much. The woman in most cases is the one who fends for the family, cooks and ensures the household is run properly. Getting the girl child educated also eliminates isolation, in education the child is able to share ideas from friends and colleagues and sharpen her day to day skills.

In today's modern world we see female Prime Ministers and Presidents. They have managed to take positions that are normally acquainted with men because they had been given the right to education.


Educating the girl child is a basic Human Right and everyone should fight to ensure this Right is enjoyed by every girl everywhere in the world.


In most African Countries the girl child is deprived of education while the boy child is given opportunity to learn. This often leads to abuse because the girl child is deprived knowledge on issues concerning her body, her life, her environment and the rights belonging to her. The girl child is made to stay home, do house work and even forced to get married at a very early and tender age. She is taken advantage of and in the end loses her self-confidence. 

The culture of discriminating against a girl child has to stop but it will take a long time to change peoples beliefs and views especially in the rural areas. Professionals have to work tirelessly to educate people on the importance of getting the girl child to acquire education.

How has education made your life better? What is the education system in your country like? Is safety education taught? Do you have a story, opinion or criticism to share? Leave a comment or send us an email today;

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  1. I belong to a south east asian country,bangladesh.My country represents one of the worst example of women empowerment.Society uses culture and even religion to oppress women.Home violence is a well known scenario here.

    No.nobody provides safety education .Because women are not treated as human here.

    1. It's very wrong that women are treated so badly over there in Bangladesh and many other parts of the world.

      For a start, make sure you take safety precaution and educate the all the women around you like your friends, aunts,relatives on how to keep safe in this dangerous society. The movement for change starts small, from a family to a community and then the entire country will change for the better. Using Religion to oppress people is very wrong and should come to an end.

      Thanks so much for having the courage to share the truth of what is happening in Bangladesh. We hope to get our outreach on safety education there as soon as we can.

      Take care and apply safety measures to protect yourself and those around you.

  2. I remember growing up with my parents saying to me...."The only legacy we can give you is your education". Years later after I became a single mom, I heeded to their advice and went back to school after I had my baby. I later on had my Bachelors degree and had I not completed my education, it would have been partially impossible to make it as a single mom.
    There's an urgent need for us to educate our girls particularly in Africa where I'm from. Education is the only antidote to early marriages, violence against women, total dependence on the system and low self esteem. Women are very resilient and with a sound education, you can imagine the heights we can attain. We've got to make education our priority and available TO ALL.

    1. Thank you Gmey O for sharing the truth about your view on education. Am glad you listened to your parents advice and getting back to school therefore providing a better life for you and your child.

      You are right, without education we will still face the problem of early marriages, women violence, no women empowerment or self esteem and inequality among many others.

      We hope for more schools to be built in future and access to quality free education is what is needed for Africa and many developing Nations in the world.

      Take care and be safe, let us spread the need to educate until we are heard.


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