Equality is the state of being treated especially in status, rights and opportunities regardless of your gender, race, sexual orientation, age, ability, status or anything that makes us different from others.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

That is the first fundamental Human Right; calling for everyone to be treated equally.

There is still a lot of discrimination in the society we live in because certain individuals do see themselves as more superior than others, or as having more rights than others and it does not matter who these people are because we too can be like that, an obstacle to equality because we can get to be more privileged than others and we would not want to cut off some of our privileges because we feel we deserve it and well, they don't. That's the first obstruction to equality. So how, if ever can we achieve equality?

  1. DEFINE EQUALITY! What does equality really mean to you? Our definition may differ but what is the definition of equality to you? That's a first step in informing about what equal is and is not to you. Compare your definitions to that of Human Rights and if they match, apply it to your daily life.
  2. ACT ON IT! If you believe everyone is equal, act like it, right? It makes no difference if you say everyone is equal but do not act like anyone is ever equal to you as you're the "supreme" being.
  3. RESPECT! If we really respected everyone then we would treat everyone equally right?
  4. EDUCATE! So you do know that you are equal and you treat everyone equally, but did you know that some people do not know they should be treated equally as they do not know their human rights? Some do but do not even believe that the Human Rights were written for them but it was. So go out there and if you see someones rights being trampled upon, tell them about their human rights and give them the power in knowledge that they deserve better treatment because they have a right to it simply because they are human.
  5. EVERYONE IS EQUAL! Yes, it needed to be said again. Everyone is indeed equal, from the man to the woman, from the boss to the floor cleaner, from the student to the teacher, from the rich to the poor, from "society's" ugly to the beautiful, from the learned to the illiterate, from the black to the white and from the able bodied to the physically challenged.  We are all equal just for the sake that we are all human.
  6. EQUALITY STARTS WITH YOU! Don't wait for someone influential to start speaking of equality, then you would join the band wagon. Speak of equality, act on equality regardless of what other people say. Equality begins with you.

I assume we are on the right track with more people being treated more equally than a decade ago because of awareness.

What do you think should be done for equality to become a reality today? Let us know your views. Leave us a comment or send us an email today; safetyfirstforgirls@aol.com

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