Every one has a right to seek help when in need. The biggest dilemma however is, where to seek help and whether you will actually be helped when you find that potential help. So where should we go to seek help in general?


  • FAMILY. Well, generally family should be the first place we would seek help unless we are seeking help for them or  from them.
  • FRIENDS. Some friends help out even more than family and if you have such a friend, hold on to them, appreciate them and even though friends help each other do not be over-dependent without recognizing the other persons needs. And be careful on this one, not everyone who says they are your friend have best intentions for you. Mentors may see ahead on what you did not see so it is best to have a mentor who leads you in the right path.
  • MENTOR. A mentor is an adviser  someone who has gone ahead down the road and is helping to show you which way to go.
  • PROFESSIONALS. This includes health professionals, organisations, educators, counselors and advisers, the police and generally any institution that exists to offer help.
  • GOVERNMENT. The government is the people and the people is the government. When you have a problem, its the responsibility the government to take care of you.
  • RELIGION. Religion has helped a lot of people cope with their lives. Other's choose that path, others do not. It is up to you after all to choose where to seek help and finding a religion has relieved many of their burdens.
  • WITHIN. It is impossible to get outside help if you are not willing to help yourself from inside. his is searching within yourself to find a solution to your problem. The biggest help is the one you can give yourself. Take the first step to seek help. Be strong and courageous, you shall get through it. 


It has been said, "a problem shared is a problem solved." Like wise, many people who have sought help have found it. It is also important to have realistic expectations when seeking help;  Realistic? How?

  • KNOW WHO TO ASK FOR HELP. Knowing who you need to help you is important and can save you a lot of time, frustration or even disappointment. Asking the right people is a first step to getting your problem solved.
  • RELIABILITY CHECK. Focus on past events. Did the people who you are hoping to seek help from show responsibility? If not, it is unlikely they would now. Seek help from reliable persons.
  • MAKE IT CLEAR WHAT YOU NEED.  Sometimes words can be misinterpreted and so in order not to get frustrated by the result always tell the helper what you expect they would do to help you.
  • LISTEN. When stressed by a problem we are trying to explain and the person we want to help us does not seem on the same page with us, we could easily get frustrated and storm off. We should understand that each person has their views, we should listen to their views concerning us and not block out what they are saying if it is said in good faith. Listen and even if it is different from your plan, see it there is a possibility it could work out if its for your good and does not require some malpractice like bribe or a compromise in morals.
  • PATIENCE. Say you call a friend or a professional because you seriously need help at that precise moment and assume they do not pick up. It could be really frustrating but it does conclude they do not want to help you. If they are truly your friend or a professional then they do want to help you. And they will even if they may be unavailable at the moment due to other factors.
  • TRY AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. There are always people willing to help you. Some of them you may know.. Others you may not. But always search for help until you find it. Once your problem is solved, you will be glad you sought help.
  • HAVE A SAFETY PLAN. When faced with a problem, have a plan set out to get you out of the problem. Plan carefully, seek counsel and advice on or offline on how to make your safety plan.

When you needed help what did you do? Have you helped anyone before? Let us know by leaving a comment or email us today;

* Special Thanks to Brenda Yuen for advising us on some more tips. We appreciate your support.

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