Love is an intense feeling of deep affection we feel towards someone or something. And Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something.

When we love and trust someone, we open our hearts to them, allow them in our lives and this makes us vulnerable to their actions affecting us in some way, sometimes even in a ways that may lead to hurt feelings. 

Being hurt does not mean we should neglect the relationship, sometimes its a stepping stone to creating a better future. However, some relationships are not healthy and its best to work on them. 

Relationships can be between parents and a child, spouses, lovers, best-friends or even just neighbors. Here are some qualities found in a healthy relationships. 

OPENNESS AND COMMUNICATION Keeping secrets from each other can lead to hurt feelings once unveiled. If you now each others secrets, do not expose them to the outside world. Also agree to disagree in your relationship.

q RESPECT AND TRUST. It is important to respect and support one another. Believe in each other as well.

SPACE AND TIME. Avoid being too clingy or too aloof. Even though you are in a relationship, you can also be individuals acting in the best interest of one another. 

    Having SEX is also important for those married or with a partner. Make time for each other; a relationship needs nurturing and balance.

RESPONSIBILITY. Avoid the blame game and each person in the relationship should take part responsibility for the relationships growth.

IT’S NOT A JOB. Be yourself; if your relationship makes you feel tense, act fake or feel pressured it may not be so healthy. Seek counselling if you feel you are in a bad relationship. No one is the boss in a relationship, you are partners. 

Do you trust and love or are you loved and trusted? How did you gain that love and trust? What do you look for in a relationship? What do you aim to give in a relationship? 

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