Women Talk... Little Girls Listen

Sontia Levy, Founder of WTLGL
Many girls dream, but the girls who become women are the ones who work to make their dreams come true.

And such a woman is Sontia Levy,22, working to bring women together with her organisation Women Talk... Little Girls Listen, USA.

With her organisation,she not only aims to empower women but also positively change her community by promoting Women led businesses, organizing food drives to which all proceeds will be given to the poor, advocating Human Rights and giving much sought after Key advice to the growing community of nearly 3,000 members.


Women Talk... Little Girls Listen responds to the need for a family that will not judge you. In the WTLGL community you are able to ask questions anonymously and get clear advice as well as support. This community allows you to drop all pretense and just be yourself. You can also receive one on one counselling, support for victims of rape, abuse and violence and seminars to boost esteem.

By being a member, you not only get advice and support but can also get prizes from competitions and giveaways in addition to the discounts you will receive from member vendors as a member.

Join the WTLGL Community on Facebook and be a part of a warm family.

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Be Yourself with WTLGL.

Visit Women Talk... Little Girls Listen site and help fund their projects by clicking here.


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