It is near impossible to live a safe life if the environment around us is not healthy. Natural disasters due to climate change has claimed many lives and changed the face of many cities without warning. It may seem as though we are helpless to nature but it is important that we take care of our environment so that we better understand it.

Excessive carbon emission that has come with industrialization is causing the ozone layer to deplete. This means temperature is becoming hotter than usual and the cycle of the earthly seasons are being disturbed. This leads to poor agricultural production which in turn leads to famine, it also cause the polar ice caps to melt faster than usual which can cause flooding which in turn leads to the destruction of homes for Earth’s population as well as death of crops, animals and humans. Sounds grim, but there is ample time to save the future from such disasters.

Plundering resources that are not renewable has left the Earth with just enough to manage. Without good management we may just experience an increase in fresh water supply, the earths minerals would be depleted which is disastrous for humans and other species alike.

Rare animals are getting killed by poachers and thus their population is getting narrowed down quicker than they can reproduce. This means a disturbance in the food chain. Human beings are at the top of the food chain and if we destroy that chain, we are destroying ourselves. Nature and its species need to be preserved. Humans are meant to preserve and not destroy because with each passing day a species on Earth is being lost.

Water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution to name but a few is slowly devastating the peaceful ambiance of Earth’s environment. Pollution can cause natural disaster, health problems and contributes largely to climate change.

The above mentioned are but a few that are affecting if not marring the Earth’s environment. Earth is our only home and if we don’t take care of it, we won’t have anywhere to go. Even if it were possible to up and shift to Mars, preserving the Earth is the priceless responsibility that has been handed over to us. This is so that the future generations can enjoy it and not have to ask why we hadn’t done so.
Consequences of climate change, pollution, diminished resources and extinction among others are famine, clean water shortage, children being born with deformity, extreme temperature and an uninhabitable planet.

How then can we create a safe planet?

Combating deforestation is key to saving the planet. Tree’s help produce oxygen and carbon dioxide bringing balance in our air thus stopping the ozone layer from depleting – this saves us from the sunrays burning us. Planting a tree and growing it not only saves the planet but it is a refreshing activity. Planting a fruit tree can also be rewarding in your lifetime.

Know where your food and products come from. Better yet, grow your own food if you can. Make sure the companies you buy from are not using forced cheap labor or using chemicals that are polluting the air, land and/or water. It will not only help save the planet but it will keep you informed.

Reduce, re-use and recycle. This way energy is saved and resources are not exhausted to produce more. You can reduce on using plastic bags and re-use bottles whilst recycling batteries. There are also many cute DIY ways of reusing things to create other useful tools. Use renewable energy or save on energy by simple acts such as using fluorescent lamps, not leaving tap water running, turning off the lights, unplugging devices and powering off your computer among many other things. 

By increasing your footprint, you are decreasing the amount of unnatural gas being emitted in the air. Use public transport or share a car to reduce on gas emissions. Take a bike when you can instead of using a car or better yet, walk as this will not only be good for the planet but excellent for your heart as well.

Urge your local industries to be environmental friendly. Lobby for the rights of animals nearing extinction. Start a campaign or initiative that can help solve climate change.

The environment can only help us if we preserve it.


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