A Secret Safe to Tell - a must read for every child

Meet a young girl, something terrible has been done to her and she is forced to keep it a secret. Will she ever be free again? You and your child can go through the journey with her in the book ‘A Secret Safe to Tell.’

The book explores the challenge a child faces when lured into doing something they shouldn’t by someone they trust. This book will encourage children to open up to a trusted adult and let them know that no matter how afraid they are or difficult their problem seems, help is available.

A Secret Safe to Tell is a picture book that appeals to a child because of its bright colors and also easily guides the adult with the accompanying short sentences. The illustrations in the book stand out, allowing sole focus on the characters and what they are experiencing in each scene.

The character guides us step by step through, from before the ordeal until after without putting focus to a sole issue even though it can clearly be deduced. This is a good step because it gives an opening to the reader, parent, educator or child to weave the childs personal story with it and still come to the same conclusion as in the story.

Every child’s story is different and A Secret Safe to tell brings to life the tale of a young girl in a way that every child struggling with an issue can relate. It also ends in the way every child who has faced abuse should have their story end – without abuse and with hope.

A Secret Safe to Tell is very resourceful and needs to be read, understood and used by every child. Most appealing is that at the end of the book are listed helpline numbers a child can contact whenever they face a problem. 

Even so, this book is not only for the child, educator or parent. It relates to all those who are having a hard time coming out when facing abuse. Pick your copy today

About Author

Naomi with her husband Jeremy and their daughter
Naomi Hunter, author of A Secret Safe to tell is a wife, mother and advocate. She is a passionate about children's picture books and writes to empower and nurture her audience through sensitive topics.

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