5 Way to Avoid Drug Addictions

This post was written by Stefani via UN Volunteers

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Women are often known to stress in their regular daily misunderstandings and unpleasant situations. After all it is in our nature to differ from men, coming from genetic predispositions to different way of thinking. 

As a consequence, others imagine that because of this we are a weak gender, who are subjected to various addictions coming from alcohol, drugs, pills and many others.

The truth of the matter is, every human being, whether male or female, faces challenges everyday and we may all sometimes give in to the temptation of taking a few drugs.

In this post I would like to give You some advice and help You on how to avoid getting stuck in the huge aquarium of drugs.

1.  Avoid Emotional Instability - The crucial thing is to avoid emotional instability. A lack of self-confidence can lead to emotionally instability. A person who does not have enough confidence, even though their world be objectively perfect, they may not be able to realize the good in their environment and circumstances under which they living. This can lead the person to be often elusive, misunderstood, lost in translation and cut out from society because of they see the world from a different angle. 

If you are that kind of person, try acknowledging the good things around you and make a point to appreciate everything that goes right and not only focusing on the wrong. Pay attention to real values and give them a purpose. It sounds difficult, but it is worth  a try.

2.  Take it Easy – Life is the way it is, full of ups and downs, which means that you are always going to face some disappointments one time or another. Often the things that can draw you to use drugs are some circumstances that are very hard to handle. It can be that you lost someone close to you, that you lost your job, that you got divorced, that you got a serious disease or you have gone through bankruptcy or are even depressed. There are of course many other things that may bring us towards the edge where we see drugs as our only solution. 

As we cannot change the life as it is, we have to take it easy and accept the things as they are. You also have to realize that those bad things are not happening only to you, but thousands of others are going through the same things as well, so hang in there because the bad won't last forever. 

3.  Avoid Bonding with a Drug User – We all know a famous quote: “You can tell who a man is by his company.” What it actually means is that you are most likely to become similar to the person with whom you are spending your time. It does not mean that you are instantly going to be a drug user if you are friends with one, but after a while you can start to accept this behavior as norm. In more serious cases you can also fall in love with a drug user, which will bring you towards two different options. One of them is to become one, because you love that person so you will assimilate. The other option is to make a huge effort trying to bring him out of this world which is very hard and stressful and also the success is not guaranteed. 

At the end better safe than sorry. So I would suggest you to take care with whom you are spending your time.

4.      Be Careful – My mother used to say to me at least thousands to times: “Be careful what you drink, someone can easily put something in it.” I always though she was overprotective and that could never happen to me. However, it can happen, it happens all the time. It happened once to a very close friend of mine. She was careful, but clearly not enough. She was in a bad company and someone put something in her drink which did not end well. She was in a rehab for a long time, because of everything that happened that night, but she is now fortunately good again. I have to say that she got out of it successfully, but you should never even come to the same situation. 

So I’m suggesting you to be careful, because that person can always be you.

5.      Don’t even Try it – Usually youngsters between 15 and 20 years of age encounter some social habits which are considered to be “trendy” of “cool.” It is not uncommon for youngsters to try drugs for the first time just to be accepted as “cool” enough. That first try is usually not just first try, but it can become your daily routine later and it is usually hard to get out of it. 

My advice to you is not to be curious at all regarding drugs, because trust me you are not missing anything. Life is beautiful as it is, and you do not need a miracle ingredient to make it better. Be yourself, because drugs can only make you “cool” for a short period of time and miserable for possibly the rest of your life. 

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This post was written by Stefani Marjanovic

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Stefani Marjanovic

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