Hand Made Care #SAFIGIs

The latest SAFIGI project called #ShareYourCare challenged communities worldwide to share their care with girls who were facing or have overcome a challenge. The nomination event took a week even though the production took much more than 3 months to realize.

This is where the volunteer spirit comes in. With the help of UN Volunteers we worked with three illustrators from Kenya, Philippines and a nine year old artist from the USA contributed with the help of a caring adult.

More volunteers from the community took part and helped in making handmade bracelets, books and buying necessities to complete the project as well as shopping for whistles and small bags for the event.

It was hard work but the event was a success. We sent out 30 care packages to girls nominated in various parts of the world. We reach out to orphans in Cameroon, single mothers who are facing adversity, children who have overcome violence, combating abuse, fighting for their dreams and striving no matter the adversity in their life.

The point of the #ShareYourCare project is to make the community aware that there are young people struggling in our community and until we learn to share our care with them, they will only continue to suffer in silence. Besides that, the whistle in the care package was symbolic to help girls break their silence as well as for self defense purposes.

This project could only work when people looked around and saw who is in need of care then sharing that care. This is only an event but if we adopted this attitude everyday, we would be able to help lift heavy burdens from those who are suffering or facing challenges in silence.

The volunteer spirit put in to make this project, making sure that the product was at least hand made puts soul into the product. Each care pack was made with the receiver in mind.

Thank you for sharing your care.

Some photos of the SAFIGI volunteers at work:

Holding one of the Care books. It's a puzzle piece cover.

Making care bracelets, talented hands

Sorting the Care bracelets

Raw Care books

The bigger picture that is made when all the books were arranged together. A masterpiece puzzle.

The Care Book

The Care Bracelets

Shopping with volunteers

We care. #SAFIGIs

Thanks to our volunteers who worked for this event and helped promote it:

You know yourself ^_^
All the nominators


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