If a girl is being bullied

By Bogdan, 29, Romania via UN Volunteers

I want to tell you that if you feel bullied, you probably are. Bullying can be emotional, mental or even physical but all types of bullying are serious and need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Is it at school, is it at work or is it even someone in your family? Maybe no one believes you but I believe you and I believe you will rise above bullying.

Bullies try to intimidate you, bring you down or force you to do what he or she wants, against your will. The hardest type of bullying to notice is the one that involves manipulation but the truth is anyone being bullied knows it deep within so there is hope that we can conquer all forms of bullying.

If you are experiencing bullying, the first thing you must do is realize that you do not deserve it. By believing that you should not be bullied by anyone no matter what will make it easier for you to strongly say no to it. 

Do not be afraid to say no or call out a bully for what they are doing.
If someone is bullying you, tell them that they are bullying you. Be confident and mention to their face that what they are doing is bullying. Walk away from any bullying. Giving in to the bully will only make them continue to bully you.

Get evidence of the bullying if you can, collecting this can offer proof later on if you have to bring it to the law. You should also rally support online or offline on your situation because you do not have to face it alone.  If the bullying is causing you emotional or physical problems, see a professional therapist.

Remember, a bully does not define you. Stand up for yourself even if no one else does. Never be afraid to report the bully. Be safe.


Bogdan offers busy people the opportunity to find free time and create a balance between their personal and professional lives. He does this by teaching productivity principles and techniques specific to their personality using experiential techniques. Visit his website www.vaidabogdan.com


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