If a girl lives without human rights

By Prerna, via UN Volunteers

You that you are a free person. At least every person should be born free and equal. In fact, that is the way it is. When someone is born, they are equal to every other new born child regardless of race or gender, however, society comes in and tells us what we can or cannot be. It dictates how free we can be and tries to force everyone into a box.

Sometimes you just can’t fit the box society puts you in. Are you living in a region where women are treated like second class citizens, where you are not allowed to fulfill your heartfelt desires because people of your ‘gender’ are not allowed to? Let me tell you this, you are not alone. It is time you stood up for your rights and claimed what is rightfully yours.

We only live one life, can you possibly spend it trying to please the status quo? Trying to please society? Being treated mercilessly by those in authority? Say no to human right abuses today, it doesn’t matter where you live because we all need to work together to create positive change and enforce equality for all.

Image: http://blog.nohatespeechmovement.org/

Do not be afraid to campaign for what you believe in. Expose all injustices happening to you or around you. With today’s social media you are a step closer to being heard so don’t be afraid to show the world the injustice you are going through. Campaign for justice until you live the life that you want. 

Be happy in this life. You are as equal as any man should be so claim it today. Be safe.


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