If a girl witnesses a crime

By Jezile, 20, Philippines via UN VOLUNTEERS

We never want crime to happen to us but what should we do when we see crime being done to others? Should we be silent spectators and wait for it to blow over, should we help even if no one seems interested in helping or is it our business at all?

Bringing a criminal to justice helps prevent crime from happening to the next person. It is a social responsibility to confront crime and bring criminals to the law even though the crime hasn’t happened to you.

Crime is any social injustice that is committed and usually leaves one or many victims in tow. Just because a crime hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It is therefore the responsibility of each and every one of us to help end crime.
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If you happen to find yourself at a scene of a crime, if possible, stay as discreet as possible by not bringing any attention to yourself. Try to understand what is happening and think of the best way possible to help the victim. Call the police immediately.  If you can’t think of a more effective solution before the police arrive, try not to get involved. Collect as much evidence as possible such as the description of the criminal or even a video or audio recording.

It can be a little scary to get involved in a crime especially in a circumstance where no one else seems to be willing to help. Never feel intimidated to be the first one to lend a hand because you never know if your effort could just save a life.


She says: I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and I have plans of proceeding to Law School. I indulge myself with volunteer works not only because the society needs some ironing but more so because I know these things will bring out the best of me as a societal and spiritual person. 


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